11 Different Types of Flowering Jade Plants

1. Silver Dollar Jade

This clump-forming succulent shrub shows off blue-gray leaves with burgundy edges. During fall and winter, long-lasting white-pink blooms appear over the foliage.

2. Ripple Jade

The Ripple Jade plant has a compact form and grows star-like yellow blooms during winter. It is one of the best Types of Jade Plants that Flower.

3. Gollum Jade

This elegant variety offers finger-like cylindrical shiny green foliage with red windows at the tip. During late fall to early winter, small pink-white blooms occur on the plant.

4. Red Coral Jade

Red Coral displays oddly shaped bright green to dark green leaves. During spring, small pink-white blooms can be seen on the plant. It is one of the best Types of Jade Plants that Flower.

5. Jade Plant

This popular variety grows fast and looks great in containers. In late fall to early winter, small white-pink blooms will appear on the succulent.

Learn about Jade Plant Care Indoors here

6. Hobbit Jade

This dwarf and compact variety shows off red blush in stressed conditions. In late fall to early winter, small pink-white flowers emerge above the leaves. It is one of the best Types of Jade Plants that Flower.

7. Botany Bay Jade

This variety was introduced in 2011 by Garden Gate Nursery, Dural. The plant produces small pink-white flowers in late fall to early winter.

8. Harbour Lights Jade

The red hue on the tips of green-plumped leaves becomes red-maroon in winter, making them more attractive! In late fall to early winter, the plant produces pink-white flowers. It is one of the best Types of Jade Plants that Flower.

Here are the best jade varieties you can grow

9. Red Dwarf Jade Plant

Expose the plant to the sun for a red tinge in the foliage. Crosby Red offers pink-white blooms in late fall to early winter. It is one of the best Types of Jade Plants that Flower.

10. Golden Jade Tree

‘Hummel’s Sunset’ was awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1993 for its stunning foliage color. The leaves turn from green to gold and red in winter. Small star-shaped pink or white blooms rarely appear on the plant.

11. Miniature Jade Plant

The plant shows off a bushy structure in small pots and forms leaf clusters on several small branches. Over the fall and winter, ornamental clusters of pink and white small blossoms appear on the plant. It is one of the best Types of Jade Plants that Flower.

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