19 Traditional Garden Hanging Basket Plant Ideas

1. Drought-Resistant Plants

Growing drought-resistant plants is becoming increasingly popular as more and more gardeners opt for cacti and succulents.

Display echeveria, hens and chicks, sedum, and other succulents. Try hanging two or more baskets together to make a fun display for a sunny spot.

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2. Old Favorites

Geraniums are an old-time favorite for many gardeners and can be a lovely choice for hanging baskets. The additional bonus is that they can mix and thrive well with almost every other plant.

You can combine red geranium with flowing blue lobelia and ivy. You can also pair them with other trailing plants.

3. Bold and Bright Colors

Selecting bold and beautiful colors for your hanging garden can make it a focal point. Go for red, blue, purple, or yellow flowers.

The best bet would be going for geraniums, marigolds, surfinia, and petunias. It can make for the perfect way to grab eyeballs when you hang them in front of the house!

Also, the vivid blossoms will attract bees and butterflies while keeping your patio sizzling throughout spring and summer.

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4. Soft Textures

Choose a combination of tiny, pretty flowers and delicate foliage that creates a fine-textured look. This simple yet effective combination can look like winters glowing in summer in full sunlight.

Grow Swan River Daisy, Asparagus Fern, and Bacopa together in a basket for that elegant, soft look.

5. Classic Pink

Gardeners often create a colorful contrast using plants with different colors and textures in a hanging basket. However, you can create a classic, neat look by planting two equally beautiful flowering plants in a similar shade.

6. Patriotic Theme

Show off some patriotism by combining the shades of blue, red, and white. Use Petunias and Surfinias, or trailing lush plants such as Verbena, Calibrachoa ‘Cabaret Purple’, and Snapdragon Bells White.

All this will help you achieve a patriotic combo that’ll look fantastic in full sunlight.

7. Begonias and Buddies

Brightly-colored tuberous Begonias can make your front porch or tree hanging garden look like a cake. Pair it up with a trailing Fuschia and bi-colored petunia. The matching planters and the vibrant, warmer shades can make the basket look perfect for your garden or home.

Here are the most stunning Begonia varieties, you can grow

8. Double Play

Double up the creative effect by placing two identical hanging baskets side by side. Plant similar flowers in both to make a bold impression.

9. Bold Foliage Plant

Hanging baskets can be so much fun to look at if you grow bold foliage plants. Pair different plants with a variety of shades and vivid hues that will make them stand out in such arrangement.

10. Houseplants

Houseplants like hoya are the best choices for hanging baskets and will look great on a patio or a balcony. Just keep them safe from the harsh afternoon sun if you live in a warm region.

11. Unusual Plants

Bring home the serene spring vibes by growing unusual varieties such as bougainvillea in hanging baskets on the balcony or the front porch.

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12. Ferns

If you want a dash of green all year round, then grow ferns in multiple hanging baskets and display them on porches and patios. They are easy to look after, and you can grow different varieties to make them look more appealing.

Here are the best types of ferns for hanging baskets

13. Roses

Another classic choice for the hanging baskets and tubs are the roses. They come in so many varieties that there’s always one for everyone.

Grow them where they get plenty of sunlight.

If you want something different, you can also go with moss rose.

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Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs

12. Hanging Vegetables

A hanging basket can be a great way to grow vegetables in a small space. You can grow tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers easily like this. The bright colors of these veggies will also look good while providing you with a fresh harvest.

13. Herbal Essence

Herbs are natural favorites of all hanging gardeners and need full, bright sunlight to thrive well. Use some planters to hang them overhead or your kitchen balcony for a fresh supply.

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14. Fruits

You can easily grow small fruiting varieties like strawberries or cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets with good quality soil at a location that receives 3-4 hours of direct sunlight daily.

15. Jellyfish Hanging Planters

These Jellyfish hanging planters can make any space look creative and impressive. They are perfect for classic and modern interiors.

The long tendrils of the air plants make for the mesmerizing ‘tentacles.’ Sea urchin shells are perfect for the ‘jellyfish’s body.’

16. Hanging Shell Planters

Pick white ceramic shells to create a beautiful look matching any particular decor style. Put air plants in them as they are easy to maintain, and this way, you can hang these on a balcony, patio, or practically anywhere.

17. Bottle Hangers

Use old glass or plastic bottles and hang them on a porch, balcony, or tree branch with string in your garden. They will be great to display cut flowers!

18. Hanging Terrarium

Mini-hanging terrariums on the porch or patio is a great way to add some bling to your house. You can use real or faux plants in them.

Here are some vintage terrarium ideas, you shouldn’t miss

19. Macrame Holder

Macrame plant hangers come in handy and can add the perfect tropical vibes to your boring balcony, porch, entrance, or pergolas.

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