25 Bright Red Nail Designs You Should Try Once in 2024

Red is a color that symbolizes luck, happiness and power, so it will probably be the first color present in the female beauty wardrobe. It reminds us of the quote: “When in doubt, wear red.” So, it is not just about the lipstick color but also about the right red nail design that you must have once in your life.

So if you are a true fan of plum red nails, don’t miss the next article! We will collect and make a list of 20+ bright red nail designs in 2022 for you!


Red nail design with rhinestones.

The red nail design with stones quickly won the hearts of women thanks to the combination of the elegant plum red color with bold and shiny stone motifs. Wearing this nail set will surely attract a lot of attention!


Bright red nail design

Pure red nail color is a basic color but still makes a strong impression on women due to its warmth. If you want to look stunning but not too fussy, try this nail color right away!


French red nail design.

Of course, you can’t miss the French manicure style! It always helps you look modern like Parisian girls.


Floral red nail design.

Many people like shiny nail polish. However, if it were just that, it would be quite monotonous. You can combine long nails with some mini flowers.


Strawberry red nail design.

It looks cute and a little childish, right? I bet it will be the most suitable for girls who go to school or university.

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Bold Red Nail Design

Girls who like to transform and show off their personalities will love this nail design right away. It is decorated with flame patterns to express warmth and the quote “Girls’ power”.


Red gold nail design.

The main red color is painted with a slight iridescence. The highlight of this model is the shiny stone placed along the nail.


Black and red nail design.

You can combine black and red to create your own beautiful nails. A set of nails in rich shades is enough to leave an impression on everyone just by looking at it.


Minimalist red nail design.

This nail model is loved by many women for its simple but very attractive way of painting. If you follow minimalism, try it!


Red nail design pattern.

If soft nail designs are not enough to convince you, try some more charming textures to ensure you are the sweetest and most dynamic girl in the crowd.


Simple red nail design.

Red nail is a nail color that women have never forgotten because it respects the skin, thus helping your hands have more prominence. At the same time, this nail color brings a noble and sophisticated style and is a new trend at the moment.


Matte red nail design.

Matte red nails, also known as matte paints, have recently taken off, fascinating women. It is loved for its elegance and suitability for all ages.


Mix&match red nail design

You can try mixing different shades of red to see the amazing effects!

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Red ombre nail design

The most beautiful model will be a gradient red nail design combined with pale pink. Moderately sharp long nails combined with soft paint colors turn out to be more noble and luxurious.


Red line nail design.

Many women also love nail designs decorated with lines. You can especially combine the earth red paint color with this pattern.


Bright red nail design.

Bright red nail designs are always known for their shine. Under the light, your hands will become more shiny and attractive.


Cherry red nail design.

Cherry red has a slightly darker tone but has an elegant beauty, a little classic but very sexy.


Red nail design with dots.

Thanks to simple motifs such as circles, stripes, etc., sprayed on the nails in combination with the color red, your manicure will look very striking and beautiful.


White and red nail design.

Red represents luck, while white represents purity. Therefore, this combination can create a subtle, elegant but equally outstanding nail color.


Flashing red nail design.

This nail color is quite striking because the iridescent shape creates an extremely striking effect. It is very suitable for your first date!


Plum red nail design.

What do you think of a nail design that is both youthful, unique and equally elegant? Plum red nail design with prints was born for you!


At the end of the article you will surely be able to find the perfect red nail design for you! It varies in different shades, shapes and decorations, so your next manicure will be extremely dynamic.

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