25 Festive Christmas Nail Art Ideas for You This Holiday

The holiday season is one of the most fun and joyful times of the year, so why not reflect that with your choice of nail art? For lovers of the classics, there are red, white and green looks, prints of snowmen, Rudolph and Santa Claus. Or, if you want a more subdued look for your holiday manicures, avoid using reds and greens and instead experiment with brown tones, chic nude combinations, and bright whites and silvers. We only celebrate once a year, so take this opportunity to express yourself and add a little sparkle to your manicure. All options can be accommodated and can be customized to fit the length and curve of your nails. If you’ve been looking for festive nail art ideas for this season, read on to discover your ideal look.


Gray Ombre Nails for Christmas


If you like dramatic nails, opt for a gray ombré mani adorned with snowflakes and rhinestones.

Plaid Frenchies for Christmas


This nail art combines black, gold, and iconic checks for a preppy, chic, and edgy Christmas manicure.

Sparkly nails for Christmas


Snowflakes and gold glitter accents on a neutral blush pink base make this manicure chic, festive, and perfect for the holiday season.

Minimalist Starry Nails for Christmas


This starry nail not only looks pretty, but it’s also incredibly easy to do at home. It’s even perfect for New Year’s Eve, even if you’ll just be lounging on the couch.

Festive red and white nails for Christmas.


These nails are a great way to add a touch of Christmas spirit to your nails.

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Tone on tone texture for Christmas


Shimmery tips contrast a gorgeous matte base to give this burgundy Christmas mani some serious texture.

Gold foil nails for christmas.


Celebrate Christmas 2021 in full glamor by wearing neutral nail colors decorated with glitter and gold foil details.

Dull nails for Christmas


I bet you didn’t think you could achieve that cozy, festive sweater look on your Christmas nails.

Gold tip nails for Christmas


Gold French tips on a creamy white base are one of our favorite winter nail ideas this year.

Red paper nails for Christmas.


If you’re looking to take a red manicure to the next level this Christmas, try these red foil nails.

Bright Red and Green Nails for Christmas


Nothing says “ring it all the way” like a festive touch of glitter like this to get you in the holiday mood.

Gingerbread nails for Christmas


This cutest gingerbread nail design is hard to do unless you have a lot of skills, so you might want to head to the nail salon.

White and shiny nails for Christmas


If you dream of a white Christmas every year, at least you can make it a reality on your nails.

Green swirls for Christmas


Green negative space nails get holiday chic with glitter accents.

Black and white nails for Christmas.


Sometimes a classic black and white nail design, like this one, can be a pretty monotonous holiday manicure.

Purple nails for Christmas


Instead of opting for the traditional red, green or even gold nail polish, enhance your Christmas nails with an unexpected shade, for example, purple.

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Forest green nails for Christmas


Are you looking for Christmas gel nails? The classic forest green is a safe bet in any living room.

Festive green nails for Christmas.


Forest green and gold are a classic and sophisticated touch to brighter options.

Neutral snowflakes for Christmas


White snowflake details transform an ordinary nude mani into a Christmas extravaganza.

Christmas Chocolate Swirls


This Christmas nail art uses chocolate nail color and reflective glitter to create this fun swirl look.

Subtle checkered nails for Christmas


Alternating deep and solid red nails keep this plaid mani from feeling overwhelming.

Sparkly Winter Nails for Christmas


You can really take your nail art game to new heights with these snowflake nails. You’ll arrive at the party like you’ve really been walking into a winter wonderland.

Black and gold nails for Christmas


Red and green aren’t your favorite colors? Try this bold and sophisticated mani in black and gold.

Metallic green nails for Christmas


If you prefer neutral nails, add a little green on top of a neutral base to create an elegant but subtle manicure.

Ice blue nails for Christmas


The term “winter blues” takes on new meaning thanks to this chicest blue mani.

Have you chosen a design to wear this coming Christmas?

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