3 Bold Predictions from Aaron Rodgers Following the Shocking Jets-Packers Trade

The New York Jets and Green Bay Packers consummated the deal that sends four-time NFL MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers to New York on Monday. This was a long time coming after weeks of posturing on both sides. Here we’ll look at three bold predictions for star quarterback Aaron Rodgers after the blockbuster Jets-Packers trade.

The Jets will acquire Rodgers, the No. 15 overall pick, and a fifth-round pick in 2023. The Packers will receive the No. 13 overall pick, a second-round pick, and a sixth-round pick this year. In addition, they will also get a conditional 2024 second-round pick that will become a first-round pick if Rodgers plays 65 percent of the plays this season.

The Jets have essentially acquired a future Hall-of-Famer quarterback after a long wait and negotiations with the Packers. This trade has sparked excitement among Jets fans, who are already discussing the possibility of winning the Super Bowl. Rodgers, who played his entire 18-year career in Green Bay, has impressive statistics. In his illustrious career, Rodgers has amassed 475 touchdowns, 105 interceptions, over 5,000 completions, and over 59,000 career passing yards. Jets fans hope that Rodgers can bring the team to a better outcome than Brett Favre, another Packers legend, did. Recall that Favre played one season for the Jets and missed the playoffs due to injury.

As for Rodgers, he signed a three-year contract for slightly over $150 million in March of 2022. That came with a fully guaranteed $59.5 million in 2023, mostly in the form of a signing bonus. The bonus money is prorated, which means that it does not put a significant strain on the Jets’ salary cap. Rodgers counts just $15.8 million against the cap in 2023 and $32.5 million in 2024.

Looking ahead, let’s look at three bold predictions for Aaron Rodgers after the Jets-Packers trade.

1. Aaron Rodgers leads the Jets to the playoffs
In the 2010 season, Rodgers led the Packers to win the Super Bowl. Now, although they haven’t made it back to the final game since then, they did reach the NFC championship game four times after that.

On the other end, the Jets have had a long streak of missing the playoffs. This is largely due to poor quarterback performance. On the flip side, they do have a reputation for having a strong defense and skilled offensive players. The acquisition of Rodgers signifies their intention to compete for the Super Bowl in 2023. Even if Rodgers retires unexpectedly, the Jets have a chance to contend while he is still on the team. As things stand, the Jets are eager to become a competitive force in the AFC. They have top players on defense like Sauce Gardner and Quinnen Williams and hope that Rodgers can be the quarterback to lead them to success. These Jets are, on paper, looking like the favorites in their division and should make it to the 2023 postseason.

2. Aaron Rodgers goes over 4,000 passing yards in 2023
Despite a comparatively average season in 2022, Rodgers still had an impressive stat line. He threw for 3,695 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. He also finished with a passer rating of 91.1.

The Jets have only had one quarterback who threw for at least that many yards in the last eight seasons. In fact, they have only three in total since 1985. Rodgers is also well-versed in the system of new Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Recall that they worked together in Green Bay from 2019-2021. During that time, Rodgers garnered two MVP awards and threw for 12,416 yards, 111 touchdowns, and just 13 interceptions.

Keep in mind also that the Jets have taken measures to strengthen their offense. These include signing free agent wide receivers Allen Lazard and Mecole Hardman. Additionally, they have talented players like breakout star wide receiver Garrett Wilson, young stud running back Breece Hall, and tight ends Tyler Conklin and CJ. Uzomah. The Jets have pretty much put together a collection of weapons tailored to maximize Rodgers’ skill set.

Despite concerns about injuries, the Jets have also bolstered their offensive line. They did this with the return of five-time Pro Bowler Duane Brown, the recovery of versatile tackle/guard Alijah Vera-Tucker, and the projected presence of veteran guard Laken Tomlinson.

On paper, Rodgers has all the materials to have another huge season. We expect him to go over 4,000 passing yards anew.

3. Aaron Rodgers wins fifth MVP
Again, the Jets will make Rodgers feel at ease. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett will put him front and center in his plays. Remember that Hackett has a solid relationship with Rodgers from their time together in Green Bay. This offense should be excellent as long as the Jets address their flaws on the o-line. After all, New York has so many weapons like the aforementioned Wilson, Lazard, and Corey Davis. Additionally, they also have running backs Michael Carter and Hall.

All these things will result in Aaron Rodgers rediscovering his old passion, fire, and energy to compete at the highest level possible. He has a better set of weapons here than he had in Green Bay last season. He has a rabid fanbase in a big city with bright lights.

The red carpet has been laid out and pieces are in place. All the Jets need is for Rodgers to stay healthy, motivated, and raring to lead this team.

With the weapons he has, the Jets’ re-energized organization, and his own personal sense of redemption, Rodgers should be in the running for season MVP in 2023. Heck, we think he might even win it.

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