30 Ultimate Green Nails for Ladies This Year

When we think of Christmas nail designs, we think of red and gold nail polishes. Those are the most traditional and classic tones, and with good reason; They are timeless and elegant. This year, however, we’d like to change things up a bit. More specifically, we’re looking for holiday manicures that incorporate the other most popular color of the season: green. Because a green manicure, whether mint, emerald or olive, is as festive as the traditional red one, but a little fresher and more unexpected.

As a result, we have cataloged different green nail styles just for you to explore the potential leaf ombre universe that we always ignore. Now, keep calm and continue reading to see our 15 best green nail designs. They will surely encourage you to visit the salon.


Different shades of green nails

If you want a little variety of colors but don’t want to invest too much in nail art, try painting your nails in different shades of green. You can even do it yourself.


Green and silver nails

The combination of emerald green and silver is a trend this year. It is especially adored by ladies for formal occasions. This design with simple solid green nails, silver gemstones and glitter is subtle yet complex.


Green and Yellow Nails

It has always been thought that green goes well with yellow, and people are right; They are perfect together. I usually see manicurists use these two colors to represent fall. However, you can also get more abstract designs with them and the result is impressive.

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Green and Blue Nails

Green and blue are relatively popular during Halloween. This is to be expected, as these two shades seem to create very spooky designs.


Short Green Nails

We will not disappoint ladies with short nails. You’ll love this design with its gold leaf pattern and solid green nails. It’s sophisticated but still very beautiful.


Green Halloween Nails

I know Halloween has passed, but you can still save this design for next year if you’re a big fan of Kim’s nemesis. Shego can be considered the ambassador of green. She rocks this color fabulously in every episode.


Summer Green Nails

If you prefer dark green, you should check out this nail idea.

Sea foam green nails

I always think that seafoam green represents a bright personality and this design said it all. The eye-catching heart in the center of the set and the eye-catching gold decorations make the nails stand out.


Green and Brown Nails

This owner definitely has a very exquisite and luxurious taste in fashion.


Nude And Green Nails

This clove makes me look forward to harvest season.


Orange and Green Nails

Nothing screams spring more than a couple of flowers. Green is the tone of spring. It’s everywhere on the boulevard you usually walk. When spring arrives, this color tends to be overshadowed by other vibrant flower colors. However, this nail artist has cleverly drawn a couple of small roses on the edges of the nails to complement the beauty of the green.


Green Spring Nails

Almond nails are versatile and durable. It is known as the most practical nail shape. This design is tricky to draw, so if you love this one, you should look for a very talented manicurist.

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Green Almond Nails

I love the gold trim on this one.


Gold and Green Nails

This nail art has successfully represented the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.


Green Christmas Nails

What an adorable animal design!


There you have it, a file of several green nails. If you don’t want to go out of style, hurry up and paint your nails with this beautiful and vivid color!

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