46 Dramatic Black Plants and Flowers for Your Garden

1. Queen of Night Tulip

Beautiful and dramatic, its flower appears in deep maroon in spring. This variety can be mixed with white or pink tulips or other bright-colored flowers to create an astonishing view.

2. Sophistica Blackberry Petunia

Varieties like ‘Black Velvet Petunia’ or ‘Black Cat Petunia’ look almost black, but finding their seeds may be complicated and expensive. ‘Sophistica blackberry’ is an easier option with deep reddish or burgundy in color.

3. Onyx Odyssey Helleborus

The dark burgundy or nearly black hellebores are highly appreciated for their color. This lovely perennial can easily be grown in containers in partial to full sun. Provide good air circulation around the plant and keep the soil moist.

4. Molly Sanderson Viola

Violas ‘Molly Sanderson’ is another excellent option to enjoy flowers in black color. It can be grown both on the ground and in containers, with flowers appearing from spring to fall.

5. Before the Storm Iris

Irises are widely used in gardens and are available in almost every color, including chocolate, and the variety, ‘Before the Storm,’ offers perfect black color.

6. Diabolo Ninebark

A versatile and appealing shrub with white flowers and deep burgundy foliage looks black in shade. It tolerates a wide range of soil conditions and grows best in USDA Zones 2-7.

7. Black Baccara Rose

This dramatic tea rose, due to its bold color and upright habit, looks stunning! Its dark color and fragrant blooms make an amazing display in the garden.

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8. Nigra Hollyhock

‘Nigra’ bears chocolate maroon flowers that look almost black towards the center. Hollyhocks are old traditional plants, easy to grow, and do well in various climates.

9. Wine and Roses

This variety of Weigela is sold as ‘Wine and Roses’ or ‘Alexandra.’ It offers a surprising combination of flowers in pink tones immersed in deep burgundy foliage.

10. Black Beauty Elderberry

Another excellent choice within our black flowers and plants list is Sambucus nigra ‘Gerda,’ valued for its purple-black foliage, pink flowers, and juicy edible fruits.

11. Zantedeschia Black Star

One of the most decorative flowers, the ‘Black Star,’ has a deep purple spathe that looks almost black. It looks attractive in combination with light green foliage spotted with red tips.

12. Black Mondo Grass

A wonderful alternative for warm climates in rock gardens, borders, or pots. The ‘black mondo grass’ grows about 12-16 inches tall and can extend up to 6-12 inches wide.

13. Zwartkop Aeonium

This tall succulent has rosettes of dark reddish-brown or burgundy leaves and yellow flowers that appear from summer through fall. It is more suited to warm climates.

14. Arabian Night Dahlia

Dahlias become the most beautiful cut flowers. ‘Arabian night’ has deep purple-red flowers that look almost black in the shade.

15. Colocasia Black Magic

Colocasia ‘black magic’ is an astonishing plant that can be identified from its dramatic large and dark purple-black dusty leaves.

16. Black Prince Coleus

‘Black Prince’ has unusual solid black foliage and small flowers. It can be grown either as a perennial in warm subtropical or tropical regions or as an annual in a temperate climate.

17. Silver Laced Primrose

It produces flowers of black-brown color with scalloped silver edges and a golden center. Blooms are fragrant and appear in spring.

18. Black Coral Bell

Also called ‘Obsidian Coral Bells,’ it is one of the most beautiful black color plants in our list that you can grow in borders, in flower beds, or in containers!

19. Bat Flower

It is a unique, rare, and exotic flower that mimics a bat in flight. The plant requires warm subtropical to tropical weather to thrive.

20. Black Magic Mangave

This tropical succulent offers a rosette of almost black leaves when kept in full sunlight. It looks great with other light-colored plants.

21. Dark Reiter Geranium

The plum-black leaves of this geranium look almost black from a distance. Come summer, and the plant grows bright lilac blooms!

22. Red Rubin Basil

The dark red leaves of the plant give a black impression of its foliage. It is a great plant to add color to the salad!

23. Black Bearded Iris

The dark flowers of this plant take the crown when it comes to the color black! The ruffled petal bloom looks ravishing with purple-black tones.

24. Sweetunia Black Satin

The black, trumpet-shaped flowers match really well with the overall light green foliage of the plant. It is also a great choice for hanging baskets!

25. Blackie Sweet Potato Vine

The deep purple leaves of this plant look almost black. The trailing growth habit of the plant also makes it great for baskets!

26. Black Prince Echeveria

This compact succulent features rosette of black leaves. For the best color, make sure it gets plenty of direct sunlight.

27. Enchanted Sunrise Begonia

The dark-hued, chocolate color leaves of the plant look classy with lime-green veins. It can also be a great houseplant if you provide it the light sunlight exposure.

28. Pansy Black Beauty

This gorgeous bloom from the viola genus shows off pure black petals with a pretty yellow center.

29. Chat Noir Dahlia

This dahlia variety looks almost black due to burgundy petals. The flower grows up to 6-8 inches across and consists of black and red velvety petals.

30. Odessa Calla Lily

Its trumpet-shaped black flowers look elegant with contrasting green leaves. Another hybrid variety, ‘Black Forest, ‘ looks spectacular with funnel-shaped deep violet blooms.

31. Green Wizard Coneflower

Also known as Western Coneflower, this distinct-looking flower features acorn-shaped purple-brown flowers that look almost black in color.

32. New York Night Hellebore

These beautiful purple-black flowers have a creamy yellow center, and the blooms consist of 5 large petals up to 3-4 inches across.

33. Dark Dimension Hyacinth

‘Dark Dimension’ offers clusters of fragrant trumpet-shaped coal-black blooms that open in a tubular shape on short stems. One more award-winning variety – ‘Midnight Mystic’ has jet-black flowers.

34. Chocolate Cosmos

This perennial dark red flower has black elements. The dark maroon or chocolate brown petals almost look black to dark red.

35. Hyacinth Dark Dimension

This darkest variety shows off bell-shaped, tubular, deep-purple to black star-shaped blooms. It flowers for 2-3 weeks in mid-spring.

36. Blackout

‘Blackout’ is a herbaceous perennial, it flowers from spring to fall and offers true black blooms with a purple and yellow eye over green leaves.

37. Penny Black

This low-growing annual is a spreading plant, it has five scalloped deep purple petals that appear black in color.

38. Black Barlow

Also known as Granny’s Bonnet, ‘Black Barlow’ is short-living black perennial flower, it offers double blooms in deep plum to almost black color and resemble spikey pompoms.

39. Tropicanna Black

This tropical stunner produces rich scarlet blooms that slowly fade to orange, it is famous for large, dark, bronze, chocolate foliage. The plant flowers from mid-summer to fall.

40. Black Scallop

Also known as Carpet Bulge, this perennial is admired for glossy black serrated leaves that look great the entire year. The plant also offers highly fragrant violet blooms.

41. Hillside Black Beauty

This late-season flowering perennial is also known as Black Snakeroot, the leaves are extremely dark and bronze that appears black afar. During late summer, the plant offers mauve-pink bottlebrush blooms.

42. Black Knight Peperomia

The black knight peperomia is the plant to grow if you love the dark shade! Make sure it gets plenty of bright light for that deep shade.

43. Black Rex Begonia

Rex begonias come in a variety of shades and you can find many in deep purple or black hue. If you want the darkest of them all, grow “Black Mamba”.

44. Darth Vader

Like its name, this plant is a show-stopper and will definitely remind you of the menacing character from Star Wars. It does best in plenty of bright light.

45. Geo Plant

Nothing comes close to this specimen when it comes to the shade of black with a bright sheen. It can be a great coffee table plant.

46. Black Pearl Pepper

Though peppers are always fiery, hot, and red, this one sticks out, thanks to its deep purple foliage that almost looks black!

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