50 Creative Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas That Aren’t Cliché

Tattoos on couples can be a contentious subject: While some find the idea of matching tattoos for couples repulsive, others believe it’s the best way to firmly accept and proudly display their love for one another. In actuality, though, it makes little difference what other people believe—each pair knows what’s best for them.

Having said that, you may have some inquiries regarding the phenomenon. Why should you get matching relationship tattoos when so many couples already choose to do so?

Why do partners choose to have matching tattoos?

According to licenced psychologist Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT, who specialises in sex and relationships, matching tattoos can act as a tangible and enduring memento of a person, commitment, concern, experience, emotion, or specific time. “We experience a certain emotion when we see a tattoo on our body. A matching couples tattoo can evoke feelings of joy, commitment, belonging, or other emotions,” says Wright.

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