+55 Coquette Nails You’re Going to Obsess Over

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Soft, light-toned colors are a go-to (expect to see a lot of pink manicures on this list), but the coquette aesthetic can also work with dark shades as well. It’s all about adding the right amount of feminine details – so don’t be afraid to add a bow or two to your next set!



2. Pink French

This pink French manicure embraces the distinctive color palette of the coquette aesthetic. Muted tones of soft pastels like pink and lilac add a whimsical and idyllic touch.

credit: amys.clients

3. Pink Maximalist

Jelly nails are another ’90s trend that’s made it back into our hearts (and our nail inspo Pinterest boards). Adorn these maximalist translucent acrylic nails with rhinestones or painted-on ribbons, bows, flowers, or some little heart decals to bring the romance.

credit: overglowedit

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credit: nailsbyelisee

5. Feminine French manicure

Simple but oh-so-femme, this delicate French manicure is a perfect choice for your next appointment. Tiny pearls, rhinestones, and bows take these nails from traditional to coquette effortlessly.

credit: nailedbyvalz

6. Coquette Glitter

The more the better! For nails that look straight out of a storybook, give this glittery milky pink manicure a try.

credit: phoebesummernails

7. Lana Del Slay

A cute pastel pink mani is super pretty, and the perfect choice if you prefer more subtle nail art. Longer nails give you more space for decoration, but this mani proves coquette details can look just as adorable on short nails, too.

credit: nailedbyvalz
credit: tigertipz

9. Pearl Hearts

Nothing screams 17th-century France quite like a string of pearls, so load up your nails with as many baubles as possible, take for example this Tigertipz mani featuring hearts and bows on top of a French mani. This nail design is not only great for everyday wear but can also work as wedding nails on your big day! 🥂

credit: tigertipz

10. Pink Blush Nails

Tigertipz’s nails have a gorgeous blushy gradient, with pink in the center radiating out to a soft cream color. You can rock any nail shape when doing a coquette ombre theme, but we suggest a softly pointed or oval tip to really tap into the look.

credit: tigertipz

11. Queen of hearts

When in doubt, add some silver chrome details on each fingertip. Chunky white bows also make a playful statement against blush-red nails in an elegant almond shape.

credit: tigetipz

12. Purple Set

While a rosy pale pink is popular for coquette manicures, it doesn’t mean you can’t expand to other hues. To stick with the coquette color palette, opt for other pastel shades, like lavender.

credit: malpica_esthetic_studio

13. Cherry cola

What’s sweeter than cherry cola? A heart-stemmed and bow mani, of course. For nails that look straight off a Pinterest page, try this set.

credit: vintageecherry1

14. BalletCore

Love long, elaborate nails? This coquette set is for you. Baby pink bows, lace-up detailing, and classic white French tips converge to make the perfect coquette-meets-balletcore manicure. We’re hooked on the corset detailing and bubblegum pink base.

credit: nailsbyelisee

15. Edgy

We love the chrome bow detailing and airbrush stars on these coquette nails.

credit: nail.art.by.tea

16. Tiny Hearts

In a coquette world, every day is Valentine’s Day. Even without gems and pearls, you can embody coquette nails’ sweet, sophisticated aesthetic using pastel polishes. Negative space heart designs are stunning and allow you to feel the love in a way that doesn’t feel too Valentine’s Day.

credit: inailzit

17. Strawberry Fields

Sometimes, the best kind of sweet treat is one you can gaze at for days to weeks on end. These Itsy-bitsy strawberries and a delicate scattering of pearls add an extra touch of decadent whimsy.

credit: nailsbyelisee

18. Feminine French

We love an accent nail; after all, it’s a pretty low-effort way to give a plain manicure more personality. If you want nails that also work for your fairycore, grunge, or dark academia outfits, this black-tip French nail design featuring bow accents will do the trick.

credit: sincitynailz

19.  Sweet Pink

A cotton candy blend of pinks and stars offers up dainty-delicate combos, silky-soft polishes adding airbrushed hearts and cutesy clouds that add femininity. This sweet mani is guaranteed to make you smile

credit: thenailbabeuk

20. Pink French tips

Another gorgeous French manicure look, these pink tips are even more coquette than their classic white counterpart. If it feels dreamy and girly — or like something you’d spot at a glamorous tea party — it totally counts as coquette.

credit: editionvicki

21. Ribbons & Hearts

Bows are pretty much iconic to the coquette aesthetic, so it makes sense to incorporate them into your manicure. Painting on a ribbon design with pink polish is always an option, but to really nail the coquette trend, consider gluing on an actual ribbon.

credit: dinadidit

22. Pink Milk & Chrome

Tap into the divine feminine and hit “save” on this translucent pink manicure with silver chrome accents. We love how this nail artist gave this coquette nail set a subtle edge with an ultra-sharp, elongated stiletto shape.

credit: nailedbyelizabeth

23. Cherry

Coquette nails don’t have to be pink. You can go wild with chrome polish, translucent jelly, or even red tips. The coquette style has similarities with plenty of other popular aesthetics — ones that aren’t so pink but still embrace feminine elements – making it easy to style regardless of your outfit.

credit: nailedbyvalz

24. Angel Core

If a pearl necklace or bracelet isn’t dramatic enough when planning your next coquette outfit, you can always add pearls to your nails. Pearls and cream accents give these coquette nails a retro vibe, using vintage inspiration to express an idyllic version of femininity.

credit: PhoebeSummerNails


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