6 Times Dennis Rodman Paved A New Path To NBA Street Style With His Hilarious Wardrobe Even Lebron James Envy Too

6 times Dennis Rodman paved a new path for NBA street style.

It’s impossible to think about basketball culture and leave fashion out of the equation.

Deeply influenced by music and sneaker culture, athletes have been changing the way people dress for a long time. One of the biggest names in that is Dennis Rodman, something that was made abundantly clear to those who haven’t gotten it yet in The Last Dance docuseries.


From unique hairstyles and piercings to finding a non-binary approach to clothing, scroll through the 6 times Rodman paved a new path to NBA power in street style.

1. Wearing skirts before it was cool.

When a style has a way of impacting people, it might be ahead of its time. That is the case of Rodman, whose style now makes more sense than ever. Men in skirts are seen more and more nowadays, and Dennis was one of the media names that started that fire.


2. When he put on a wedding dress and claimed to have married himself.

Ok, this is not a typical street style look. But it couldn’t be off our list because it represents the gender-bending approach it seeks to showcase. In 1996, she arrived at her book signing in a custom-made wedding dress in a horse-drawn carriage at a Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue.


3. His talk show attacks were a tough mix.

Even more than the tunnels of the NBA, Rodman’s style really shined on late-night talk show stages. There, he was able to be himself and do new tweaks, like the ones he wore on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno: a mesh tank top with a leather shirt and leather Nikes and then leather pants and a pink leather jacket. strong.


4. Hairstyles as a form of expression.


When you have to wear a uniform to work, how do you express yourself? Rodman calls out: hairstyles. The player’s hair is a statement on its own. He explored colors and even symbols like smiley faces and his team mascot.

5. The Madonna-Rodman ship was an event.

He dated Madonna for only 2 months in 1996, but this made an impression that will last a long time. She was reportedly the one who taught him the value of being true to himself and pushed his style choices even further. Everybody says: thank you, Madonna.

6. The Nike Air Darwin debut.

Considered by many to be Rodman’s first signature shoe, the Nike Air Darwin was a favorite of the player in his Detroit years. Although Nike never acknowledged Dennis’s relationship with the Darwin silhouette, the nostalgia for those years of basketball and leather sneakers remains.


A true visionary.

Speaking of style-makers, find out the latest in Kanye West’s ranch life.

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