A collection of the best summer nails for your future try-on list

Summer is the time for entertaining, long vacations, and backyard barbecues. Flip flops, tank tops, cropped jeans and flared skirts are starting to make a comeback. This is when the earth becomes much more vibrant. Colors appear everywhere we go: blue beaches, black sandals, pink skirts, yellow shirts, etc. Therefore, the nails also become more colorful.

This is the only season of the year when nail designs are not limited to any one color theme. Everything can be used to create an eye-catching design. Therefore, this list below will be a catalog of the most extravagant nail art that you may have never seen before. If this is what you are looking for, do not hesitate to search this “treasure box” for the trademark that corresponds to you.


#1 Simple Summer Nails

This design, with stylized dandelions standing out against the colorful background, reminds me of a summer sunset in a wildflower garden. These flowers can be considered the unofficial symbol of summer as they usually appear during this time of year. So what can be better than a dandelion nail set?


#2 Simple purple summer nails

This simple pink French tip design is exquisite.


#3 Classy Summer Nails

If you’re hoping to create a luxurious impression, this is the one for you.


#4 cute summer nails

This original nail design is something out of the ordinary and is especially suitable for the summer theme.


#5 bright summer nails

The base color of the neon ombre is surprisingly eye-catching.

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#6 Pink Summer Nails

Pineapple is a popular tropical fruit that receives universal love. It’s interesting to see this intriguing summer snack exquisitely represented in this design. Shiny rhinestones make this set look very elegant and delicate.


#7 red summer nails

A vivid red inspiration with the same hibiscus shade just screams summer vibes.


#8 Late Summer Nails

This nail represents the leaves at the end of summer as fall approaches. A very brilliant creation.


#9 summer orange nails

Sunsets are the most beautiful thing about summer. These nails just show it off successfully.


#10 Beach Summer Nails

Anyone want a trip to the beach?


#11 original summer nails

Original styles are recognized by extravagant colors. Therefore, this style is usually made up of many vibrant shades to create a dazzling impression. If this is your cup of tea, then this game will steal your heart.


#12 Fun Summer Nails

This donut inspiration looks delicious. However, don’t forget that this is actually nail art.


#13 Cute summer nails for teenagers

We cannot leave teenagers out of this issue. This design, with tons of different summer symbols, will remind them to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.


#14 Oval Shaped Summer Nails

These oval nails definitely highlight your personality. Where can you find a pineapple wearing gold glasses?


#15 Summer Nail Coffin 2022

The black color brings a slightly gloomy feeling to the whole. However, if you especially like gothic fashion, this piece of art is for you.

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Does this list satisfy you? If so, then you should save some of your favorite designs so you can use them during the next summer vacation.

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