Archaeologists too lost their senses after discovering a mysterious sword buried in a rock that was 700 years old

Was it really King Arthur or not? Some documents found earlier in the year made fresh claims about his presence in history. But more concrete evidence than documents has now been found in the depths of a Bosnian river. A rock-cut sword has been discovered within the river, believed to be the β€˜royal Excalibur’, which was the sword of King Arthur. Archaeologists have found this 14th-century sword in stone in the depths of the Vrbas River in the west of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A 700-year-old mysterious sword found buried in a rock, archaeologists also  lost their senses: - Hindustan News Hub

Foto de excalibur the famous sword in the stone of king Arthur in the fo do  Stock | Adobe Stock

There are many legends about King Arthur. He married Geneva, directed Knights of the Round Table, kept the Excalibur sword, and was buried in Avalon after his final battle with the traitor Mordred. But was King Arthur really a king or just a hero of Celtic mythology? This debate has been going on for centuries and historians have not been able to confirm the existence of Arthur. The fossil of the first air-breathing creature found on Earth, 43 million years old scorpion

Excalibur' found? 700-year-old sword discovered stuck in a rock | Fox News Claims of existence of documents confirmed

However, after the beginning of this year, many things have changed about King Arthur. Historians have found seven fragments of manuscripts and manuscripts about Merlin, King Arthur and the Holy Grail in a library at the University of Bristol, UK. These pieces were originally published in Strasbourg, France, between 1,494 and 1,502. This surprising discovery has further solidified the claims about the existence of King Arthur. Some say that this is clear evidence that King Arthur was present.

Ancient sword described as 'real Excalibur' pulled from stone in bottom of  lake - Daily Star

Detailed research of "Excalibur" from Banja Luka | The Srpska Times

700 year old sword found in depth of 10 meters

The Vrbas is a 240 km long river in the center of Bosnia, near the town of Banja Luka. The discovered ancient sword is believed to be of King Arthur. According to archaeologist Ivana Pandzik of the Republika Srpska Museum, a 700-year-old sword was found embedded in a solid rock about 10 meters below the river’s surface. It was pulled out with great care. The discovery was made by archaeologists while excavating near the ruins of a medieval castle located in Zvelaj.

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