Atlanta Mansion Owned by Dwight Howard, Valued at $8M, Becomes Coveted Dream Home for NBA Stars

Almost certainly, anyone familiar with the NBA is familiar with Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers. His illustrious residence in ATL reflects the fact that the 6’11” eight-time All-Star and Olympic gold medalist is brimming with talent, vitality, and adventure. Atlanta’s $8.8 million residence owned by Dwight Howard undoubtedly embodies his intrepid millennial persona, as it is festooned with superhero paraphenalia and exotic pets.

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In a recent interview with a sports correspondent, Howard provides an exhaustive tour of his $8.8 million, 35,000-square-foot mansion. Situated in the Atlanta metropolitan area, the residence features three laundry rooms, five kitchens, and an enormous fourteen-car garage that accommodates his purple Rolls Royce, which was inspired by Thanos.

Dwight Howard's 35,000 Square Foot Mansion Is Absolutely Ridiculous | Barstool Sports

His colossal masterpiece of a residence harbors 200-pound exotic snakes in captivity. The opulent Thanos automobile, which Howard owns, is evidence of his devotion to the Avengers franchise. His opulent residence is adorned with memorabilia and framed photographs of the franchise’s protagonists. Furthermore, he amasses an extensive collection of autographed jerseys from his preferred basketball players and a pair of the original Nikes from Beyond the Future.

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Dwight Howard on X: "On some Muhammad Ali vibes this morning! 🥊" / X

The fact that Howard’s enormous mansion embodies an adventurous spirit demonstrates that he is, in fact, a child at heart. He revealed to sports reporter Graham Bensinger that his humble upbringing has instilled in him a deep appreciation for each moment and the conviction that nothing is taken for granted.Dwight is even taken aback by the opulence of his own living quarters. “I cannot believe this is my home,” he exclaims to Bensinger.

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