Burning Flame Nails for Burning Fingertips

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Embrace the heat with these fiery flame nails, perfect for adding an edgy touch to your fingers.

If you’re tired of the same old manicure, get ready to spice up your look with these sizzling nails. Flame nails have been around for a while, and while some may see them as a tacky trend, when done right, they can add a fresh, effortless vibe to your look without going overboard.

Whether you’re looking for a bold design to fully commit to the look, or you’re looking for a subtle hint of fiery flames, there’s something for everyone in these 10 cool nail styles.

The best flamed nails to copy

1. Radiance of glory


via @_by_shelley

Realistically, you can’t go wrong with a gold-colored manicure . It looks sleek, clean, and perfect for adding warmth to any outfit, not to mention the flames!

2. Flames of fire

""image"" via @pop_polish

There is nothing better than fire in its intended color: red. This coppery red chrome nail art is perfect for all your fall looks.

3. Girl on Fire


via @javifernails

Fire is a pretty intense, almost macabre nail art motif, so you can adorn it with a fun color combination like this pink and rainbow variety.

4. fingers of fire

""image"" via @__abigails_nails__

For winter, nothing beats a dark manicure, but some people may not be used to intense shades. Instead, test the waters with negative space nail art like this one.

5. Multicolor manicure


via @nailsbymh

Multicolor never goes wrong. Sure, sometimes it may initially seem mismatched, but it will almost always turn out to be intentional!

6. There is no smoke without fire

""image"" via @bugnails

This intricate and realistic nail art is not for the faint of heart, but it is the perfect motif for Halloween nails .

7. warming up


via @_by_shelley

This is one for all the clean girls out there. The clean girl aesthetic gets a bad rap for being boring or unoriginal, but manicures like this one, which are still fun yet serene, are perfect.

8. shiny mermaid

""image"" via @peachinails

Glitter makes everything better, especially when it comes to nail art. This looks fantastic against the nude base of the pinky as it allows the nail art to be the focal point, ensuring the manicure isn’t too busy.

9. burned


via @karin.nailedit

When something burns, a cloud of black smoke forms – that’s the inspiration behind this manicure. I guess your nail art was so attractive it couldn’t handle itself!

10. Green gas

""image"" via @worldofglitterltd

Colors like blue and green are neglected in nail art for fear of not being stylish or fashionable, but this manicure disproves that theory. Chrome is a fantastic way to incorporate any color into your manicure without being too strong.


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