“Collection of Stunning Collarbone Tattoos for Women Over 60”

Collarbone tats are discreet and sexy. From big to small, intricate to simple, these collarbone tattoos for women will bring out your charm.

The collarbone or the clavicle might be a small area between the shoulder and the chest. But there’s a unique charm to it. It’s not as visible as the arm or the neck. But if you wear a sleeveless or off-the-shoulder top, ink on the collarbone will give others a sneak peek of your personality.

Collarbone tattoos for women are usually dainty and alluring. They can be right on the bone, above the bone, closer to the neck, or below the bone. Because the collarbone connects the shoulder, the chest, and the neck, we often see tattoos extending on two or three of these placements.

The collarbone may be the right spot for you if you are looking for a low-key way to elevate your femininity. From small and simple to bold and intricate, these collarbone tattoos for women will inspire your next ink.

Are collarbone tattoos painful?

The pain level of getting inked depends on the wearer’s sensitivity and placement. Generally speaking, the thinner the skin, the more pain it will cause to tattoo on the area.

The collarbone is no doubt a boney area with thin skin. So be mentally prepared for pain when tattooing on it. But if you are super sensitive to pain, there are two ways to make it less painful:

  1. Tattoo above or below the collarbone instead of right on it. Theoretically, the further away from the bone, the less painful it will be.
  2. Choose a simpler and smaller design. Opt for something simple like quote tattoos or one-word tattoos. Plus, they will take less time and thus are less expensive.

Disclaimer: This collection of collarbone tattoos for women is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Collarbone tattoos for women with meaning

Whimsical swirl collarbone tattoo



If you’ve been looking for a unique collarbone tattoo idea, this may be the one for you. The lines of the swirl pattern complement the shape of the collarbone. And the center alignment and sleek lines give the somehow intricate tattoo a sense of simplicity and balance.

Symmetrical vine tattoo



Vines, leaves, and flowers allow tattooists to be creative and flexible. They can change the sizes or tweak the position to fill the space. In addition, you can multiply or simplify by adjusting the number of motifs. And this symmetrical tattoo is a good example of keeping things simple.

Tassel and lace ornamental collarbone tattoo for women



A good tattoo doesn’t need to be meaningful as long as it’s gorgeous. This collarbone tattoo functions like jewelry. By incorporating tassel and lace, the design instantly gets more feminine. Despite its size, the simple lines and patterns make it elegant and less overwhelming.

Wind and flower collarbone tattoo for women



From afar, this watercolor collarbone ink might look like an abstract brush stroke. But if you look closer, you will find the flowers flowing along with the brushstroke. This is how the artist makes the invisible wind visible.

Abstract ink wash stroke tattoo



If sticking to the clavicle is not your thing, consider extending the ink to the shoulder or forearm. This abstract brush stroke tattoo does exactly that. And with the seemingly arbitrary direction and position, this tattoo would belong to a carefree and artistic soul.

Floral shoulder and collarbone tattoo



When you have ink covering the shoulder and collarbone, you don’t need vibrant colors to make it stand out. Take this one, for example. The details of the flowers, moon, and leaves are so well executed that even in black and white, they catch your attention.

Stunning flower arm and collarbone tattoo



If you want a bigger tattoo on the collarbone, consider placing it below the bone. This way, you have a larger area to work on, just like this girly flower tattoo.

Black camellia flower collarbone tattoo



The Camellia flower is a symbol of love and affection. And it is sent as a message of love. In the US, it’s also the state flower of Alabama. So this design makes a perfect self-love tattoo, reminding you how lovable you are. Or it can be a gesture of love for people from the state.

Hydrangea flower tattoo



Hydrangea is known for its lavishing number of flowers in its full bloom. This collarbone tattoo, however, only has two petals. It indicates that the flower has just started to grow, symbolizing the beauty of a fresh start.

Plum flower and snake collarbone tattoo for women


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