Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have polarized approaches to love.

Lionel Messi: Falling in love with a single person from the age of 5

Antonela Roccuzzo (34 years old) is the woman who holds the heart of the Argentine player – Lionel Messi (35 years old). They have known and fallen in love since they were five years old. Later, Antonela was an insider general who helped Messi build a billion dollar image brand value, helping him really get rich from his football career.

The love between Messi and Antonela is a love of “young and old”. They have been engaged in marriage since 2017, but the two started building a relationship since 2008. Currently, the two have 3 children. Antonela is always there to support Messi to play calmly, not only does she take great care and care of her family but she is also very active with charity activities.


On social media, Antonela is an influential figure with almost 24 million followers. Not only that, she is also a fashion designer with her own very popular, self-owned fashion label.

Originally, Antonela studied to be a dentist, but after deciding to start a family with Messi, she had to put her own career aside in order to support Messi as much as possible. This requires Antonela to take on a lot of household chores, always willing to move in with her husband to accompany and support him in his career as a successful international player.

Although not frequently featured on entertainment news sites like British player David Beckham’s family or Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, financial news has long estimated that the brand value of Lionel Messi’s image is the most big compared to other famous players. The estimated value of Messi’s brand image is in the billions of dollars.


It can be understood that Messi is the player with the most popular image brand in the international market at present. Currently, the fortune that Lionel Messi has is around 600 million dollars, he belongs to the group of the richest players in the world.

It’s been almost 30 years since Antonela met Messi, now, the couple’s lives have changed a lot since their humble beginnings. They own many villas in different countries, such as Barcelona and Ibiza (Spain), Miami (USA), Rosario (Argentina)…

However, Antonela’s lifestyle is considered simple and low-key. She is not the type of wife who likes to show off, party, go shopping… Antonela’s publications usually revolve around family, children, work, everyday life…

The players usually meet girlfriends or wives in bars or through social networks, while Messi and Antonela’s love has been persistent and faithful since childhood. That love is different from most other players’ love stories. For this reason, Messi is loved by the fans both for his football talent and for his image as a faithful and responsible family man.

Antonela is the cousin of the player Lucas Scaglia, a friend who played with Messi since childhood. From the first time he met Antonela at his friend Lucas’s house, Messi paid special attention to the girl one year younger than him.


Every time Antonela comes to play at Lucas’s house, little Messi always stops by and tries to impress. Messi wrote love letters to Antonela, the boy Messi soon wrote a “love letter” expressing to little Antonela that when they both grow up, Antonela will agree to be his girlfriend.

As a teenager, Antonela continued to keep in touch with Messi, often going to see her cousin and Messi play football in the youth teams. After Messi’s pursuit of a football career showed signs of improvement and he moved to Barcelona at the age of 13, Messi still kept in touch with Antonela.

5 years later an incident happened, Antonela’s best friend died in a traffic accident, Messi heard the news and worried about Antonela, so he immediately returned to Argentina to visit her.

In adulthood, Messi and Antonela realized that they really wanted to start a romantic relationship, even though they would be thousands of kilometers away. Although she loves Messi, Antonela does not stop studying and directing her career.

He attended college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in humanities and sociology from the National University of Rosario. After graduation, Antonela re-specialized in dentistry. But then love forced her to change all plans.

Lionel Messi và Cristiano Ronaldo có cách yêu hoàn toàn đối lập - 4
When he talks about his wife, Messi always dedicates respectful words (Photo: Daily Mail).

As Messi’s career progressed and their relationship became more widely known, it was also the moment that Antonela was forced to make an important decision for their relationship.

She moved to Barcelona so she could accompany Messi, ending the series of long-distance love days, which also means she won’t be able to pursue her own career but will have to put aside her plans to become a firm defender. . for her future husband.

In 2012 their first son, Thiago, was born. The second child, the boy Mateo, was born in 2015. In 2017, Messi and Antonela were officially married. A year later, the couple welcomed another son, Ciro.

When he talks about his wife, Messi always gives him respectful words: “She has many good qualities with outstanding advantages. The way you handle daily tasks, your personality, emotional state. His always balanced and very positive emotions… all of which make me feel admired.

He always deals with problems in a very instructive way. My wife is an intelligent person and has always excelled in my eyes in all aspects of life.

Lionel Messi và Cristiano Ronaldo có cách yêu hoàn toàn đối lập - 5
Messi has a full family life (Image: Daily Mail).

Although she is a millionaire herself, owns her own fashion business, and is also a social media star who attracts advertising contracts, Antonela is not passionate about collecting designer brands. Instead, she always finds time to do volunteer work.

When she got married in 2017, Antonela also arranged for the wedding leftovers to be sent to a charity that serves food to the poor.

Antonela and 3 children were present in Qatar to encourage Messi to compete in the 2022 World Cup, 4 mother and daughter watched Messi’s every run on the field, watching him stand in front of a great opportunity with the Argentina team in the Cup of the world. World Cup of the year. Antonela’s style when performing in the stands of the stadium is always simple, sociable and fun, blending in with those around her.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Has 3 stepchildren, has 2 children with his girlfriend, but is in no hurry to get married

Cristiano Ronaldo (37 years old) and his current girlfriend, Georgina Rodríguez (28 years old), have been together for 6 years, they have two daughters. Although the couple has not married, both parties expressed their desire to stay together for life and both expressed their excitement at the idea of marriage when asked about marriage.

Ronaldo once shared with the media that he is “1000%” sure that he will marry Georgina Rodríguez and that this can happen at any time. Ronaldo confirmed that he and his girlfriend will get married on… “someday”. For her part, Georgina Rodríguez also stated that she did not need to hesitate but would accept immediately when Ronaldo proposed to her.

Ronaldo insists: “I always tell Georgina that when we get a click, when everything in our lives is in its right moment, Georgina understands what I’m talking about, then we will be officially married. It could be in a year.” six months or one month. I’m 1,000% sure it will.


In the documentary about the life of Georgina Rodríguez – “I Am Georgina” (2022), Ronaldo continues to affirm that he and his girlfriend could soon go down the aisle.

Currently, Ronaldo has a total of 5 children, including 3 stepchildren. He has never publicly identified the mother of 3 children, including boy Cristiano Jr. (12 years old), twins Eva and Mateo (5 years old).



Ronaldo has an agreement with the biological mother of his eldest son Cristiano Jr., according to which he has full custody of the child and will inform her about his biological mother at the appropriate time, leaving all information about the woman. This woman is kept secret. About the twins Eva and Mateo, Ronaldo went through the surrogacy method.

In the love story, Ronaldo had a 5-year romance with the Russian model Irina Shayk (2010 – 2015). Since 2016, he has been with the Spanish model Georgina Rodríguez.

Ronaldo has two daughters with Rodríguez, including Alana (5 years old) and Bella (8 months). The two have had their share of joys and sorrows together. The greatest sadness they have gone through is the incident in April of this year, when the couple lost their son in twins, due to some problems that Rodríguez had during childbirth.

Currently, Ronaldo is at a difficult moment in his career. In November, the relationship between Ronaldo and the Manchester United club became irreversibly strained and deteriorated.


Georgina Rodríguez was shocked when she brought jewelry worth approximately 2.2 million dollars (equivalent to more than 50 billion VND) to Qatar (Photo: Daily Mail).

For this December, the dream of the Portuguese team in the 2022 World Cup was shattered. Ronaldo could not contain himself and burst into tears in front of the reporters.

Leaving Qatar, leaving behind the dream of winning the 2022 World Cup, Ronaldo had a letter posted on his personal social media account. Ronaldo has spoken honestly about his regrets after having to join his teammates on the Portuguese national team in withdrawing from the 2022 World Cup in the quarterfinals.

In the letter, the last thing Ronaldo wrote has a deep meaning: “At the moment, I don’t have much to say. Thank you Portugal, thank you Qatar. Have a good dream as long as it’s not over… Now time will be a wise adviser for everyone to draw their own conclusions.

Shortly after, he uploaded a photo of handwritten notes that read: “3 aspects of reality: Pain, uncertainty and constant effort.”

Ronaldo is currently 37 years old, the 2022 World Cup will probably be the last time he and the Portuguese team will achieve the dream of winning the World Cup. However, after 5 times in the World Cup, Ronaldo has never touched the championship trophy with the Portuguese team.

Certainly Ronaldo is in a very difficult stage of his career, how he steps up, how he presents himself in the coming months and months is what everyone is waiting to see.

For Cristiano Ronaldo, after all, family is always the number one priority: “I have a lot going on in my career and in my life, but the most important thing for me is still family. Keep in that way. Healthy family members, taking care of loved ones is my number one priority, because family is the most important thing to me.

Lionel Messi và Cristiano Ronaldo có cách yêu hoàn toàn đối lập - 9
With her own fortune, Rodriguez says she “doesn’t need to spend a penny” on her boyfriend’s money (Image: Daily Mail)

During the days of staying in Qatar to cheer up Ronaldo, his long-time girlfriend, the beautiful Georgina Rodriguez, was surprised when he brought jewelry worth around 2.2 million USD (equivalent to more than 50 billion VND). ) to get dressed when she went to see her boyfriend. play.

Georgina Rodríguez has a personal fortune of about 30 million dollars. Rodríguez confirmed to the media that she worked hard, built her own fortune, which is why, according to Rodríguez, she is a self-made millionaire.

With her own fortune, Rodríguez says she “doesn’t need to spend a dime” on her boyfriend’s money. About the super player Cristiano Ronaldo, his estimated fortune is currently up to 500 million dollars.

Rodríguez brought all of Ronaldo’s children to Qatar to watch the 2022 World Cup, cleverly displaying the luxurious “millionaire mom” class by posting a photo of herself using a designer bag to store things for the kids.

After the dream of the World Cup came to a halt, Ronaldo, Rodriguez and their 5 children left Qatar on a private jet that cost US$25 million (equivalent to VND590 billion).

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