Discover 17 Exquisite Cup-Shaped Flowers to Enhance Your Garden

1. Mountain Laurel


Botanical Name: Kalmia latifolia

The Mountain Laurel, often considered the crown jewel of the mountains, features striking blooms in a regal shade of white adorned with intricate purple patterns.

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2. Tulips


Botanical Name: TulipaOne of the Best Cup Shaped Flowers, Tulips bring a touch of spring to any garden with their vibrant petals in a range of hues.

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3. Gentian




Botanical Name: Gentiana

A star of the alpine meadows, Gentiana illuminates the landscape with its deep blue blooms with a white center and stamens.

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4. Winter Aconite



Botanical Name: EranthisA ray of sunshine in the bleak winter landscape, the Winter Aconite adds a pop of yellow to gardens with cheerful blooms.

5. Canterbury Bells



Botanical Name: Campanula medium

Another of the Best Cup Shaped Flowers, the Canterbury bells bring a touch of grace to gardens with their delicate blooms in shades of white, pink, and yellow.

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6. Mexican Prickly Poppy




Botanical Name: Argemone mexicanaA burst of bold color, the Mexican Prickly Poppy lights up the landscape with its large, bright blooms in shades of white with yellow centers.

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7. Chinese Magnolia





Botanical Name: Magnolia X soulangeanaA symbol of purity and grace, the Chinese Magnolia adds a touch of elegance to gardens with its large, fragrant pink blooms, making it one of the Best Cup Shaped Flowers.

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8. Autumn Crocus



Botanical Name: Crocus sativus

A harbinger of spring, the Crocus adds a splash of color to gardens with its vibrant blooms in lavender, yellow, and white.

9. Pasque Flower



Botanical Name: Pulsatilla Want delicate but alluring blooms? The Pasque Flower is your best bet that adds a touch of early spring color to gardens with its delicate lavender and yellow blooms.

10. Morning Glory


Botanical Name: IpomoeaA ray of sunshine in the morning, the Morning Glory is an absolute beauty with its large, trumpet-shaped blooms in shades of blue, purple, and pink.

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11. Silverbush


Botanical Name: Convolvulus cneorumA shimmering delight, the Silverbush adds a touch of sophistication to gardens with its silvery leaves and delicate blooms.

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12. Angela Roses




Botanical Name: Floribunda rose ‘Angela’

A symbol of love and beauty, the Angela Roses bring a touch of romance to gardens with their delicate blooms in shades of pink, yellow, and red.

13. Eucryphia



Botanical Name: Eucryphia

A stunning sight in late summer, the Eucryphia illuminates gardens with its large, fragrant blooms of white filled with clusters of pink-tipped stamens.

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14. Easter Flower


Botanical Name: Pulsatilla vulgaris

One of the Best Cup Shaped Flowers, the Easter Flower can uplift any garden with its delicate blooms of purple and maroon with bright yellow centers.

15. California Poppy



Botanical Name: Eschscholzia californicaA burst of color in any garden, the California Poppy adds a touch of sunshine with its vibrant orange, yellow, and red blooms.

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16. Poppy Anemone



Botanical Name: Anemone coronaria

A delicate beauty, the Poppy Anemone brings elegance to gardens with its frilly blooms in shades of red, pink, and white.

17. Cosmos Cupcakes



Botanical Name: Cosmos bipinnatus

A treat for the eyes, the Cosmos Cupcakes is one of the Best Cup Shaped Flowers and adds a pop of color with their fluffy blooms of pink, purple, and white.

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