During a Beautiful Vacation in Switzerland, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes Shared Adorable Photos with Their Kids and a Furry Friend

The former soccer player and the Chiefs quarterback fell for St. Moritz on their multi-country European trip

Brittany Mahomes cozied up with a cow while on a family vacation!


On Wednesday, July 3, the former soccer player — who is currently on vacation in Europe with her husband, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, 28, and their 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren, Sterling Sky, 3, and Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III, 19 months — shared a series of photos on Instagram from their stay in Switzerland.

In one of the photos, Brittany, 28, is seen reaching over a fence to gently pet a light brown cow.

“St. Moritz, Switzerland you were beautiful,” she wrote in the caption.


The carousel also featured a selection of family snaps set against a backdrop of beautiful, green landscape and tall mountains. Their son lounges in a tan chair in one image while another shows their daughter blowing on a dandelion.

Back at the hotel, Brittany captured a photo of their youngest on a balcony in a fluffy white robe and white sneakers.

In some of the images, the kids appear to be wearing matching outfits with Sterling wearing a tan sweater that says “I love mom” and Patrick rocking one that says “I love dad.”


Brittany coordinated her look with their 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren, wearing a tan puffer jacket and white pants, while Patrick stood out in a blue tie dye set.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model teased more to come of their vacation, sharing a photo of their resting son on her Instagram Stories with the caption, “Off to our next destination.”

On Tuesday, Patrick gave his own glimpse into their family trip by sharing a photo of himself and Bronze looking at a mountain view together.


In the photo, the Kansas City player carried his son in his arms as he stood on a wooden plank and faced the outdoor view.

“Just a dad and his boy,” Brittany wrote while sharing the snap on her Instagram Stories alongside a white love heart and teary-eyed emoji.

Their family vacation has also included stops in Spain, Portugal and Italy.


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