“Exploring the Symbolism of Yin and Yang Tattoos in Achieving Inner Harmony”

Yin and yang represent the balance of life. Discover the charm of this attractive symbol with these meaningful yin yang tattoos.

If you have been collecting ideas for your next tattoo, you may have come across the yi yang symbol. It is a circle divided into two halves with a curved shape that separates them. Typically, one half is black, representing “yin,” and the other is white, symbolizing “yang.”





There are many different variations of yin yang tattoos. They can vary in style and size, or be combined with motifs such as koi fish, butterflies or lotus flowers. But the focal point is always the symbol itself because of the meaning it carries. More and more people are attracted to yi yang tattoos as a representation of their life attitudes.


So what is a yin yang symbol and what does it meаn in tattoos?

One of the reasons why people love getting yi and yag tattoos is the symbolism behind them. The yi and yag symbol is not only visually appealing, but also represents balance and harmony between opposing forces.


“Yin” or “阴” means darkness or femininity in Chinese, while “yang” or “阳” refers to brightness and masculinity. In Taoism, everything and everyone on the planet is believed to have two opposing energies, yi and yag. Choose when the two are in balance so you can be healthy and thrive.


The same concept applies to relationships as well. We often use the phrase “yin to the yang” to describe two people who are complementary to each other. The two individuals may have different and sometimes opposite personalities. But their differences orchestrate harmony in their body.

If you are attracted to the concept of this attractive symbol and are thinking about putting it on your next iPad, you are in the right place. From small to large, classic to creative, the following yin yang tattoos will represent your identity and values.

Disclaimer: This collection of yin yang tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow the artists and show them some support.


If you are looking for a minimalist yet powerful tattoo idea, keep scrolling to explore some of the best simple yi-yang tattoos.

The yin and yang symbol is, by nature, simple and minimalist. This small wrist tattoo keeps the original look and makes it a cool statement.

Two fish swimming towards each other is a motif often looked for in Pisces tattoos. But they can also represent the concept of yi and yag. When you put the two fish on the same person, they symbolize two sides of the person’s personality, showing the complexity of the individual.

Many of us have an animal that we relate to on a personal level. It can be a pet that belongs to your office, or your zodiac or Chinese zodiac sign. 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. And having a pair of these cute bunnies around your waist might be perfect for those born undersized.

There is a clear life that separates the white and black halves in a yi yag symbol. But with this calf tattoo, life becomes blurry. Instead, the two colors are fused together, suggesting that the two opposing energies coexist in each of us.

Not all yi and yag tattoos have to be in a circle. By placing it in a square, the tattoo artist makes the design elegant and more general.

Black and white are a striking and contrasting color combination. This forearm tattoo simplifies the image of a butterfly but maintains black and white, showing the beauty of balance in a subtle way.

Yin and yang can be a sophisticated philosophical concept. However, the user transforms the symbol into the shape of cherries, making it less serious and more adorable.


If you look at the construction of this tattoo, it consists of a black strоke and a small black dot, and more. However, the bold and confident strоke conveys a sense of strength, proving that there is power in balance and simplicity.

Water tattoos are so captivating because of the natural flow and endless possibilities of the shapes. This operation is a good example. It demonstrates the combination of water and ink, two different materials that have the same fluidity, creating a flow movement.

Unlike realistic designs, this abstract dragon tattoo embodies a sense of sacredness and mystеry, like a token of an unknow tribe. And because dragons are a symbol of strength and royalty, this tattoo indicates that you can find your balance of power.

This adorable dad tattoo is definitely perfect for girls. And because chins are a symbol of Chipa, this design also highlights the wearer’s pride in their home country.

Here is another beautiful and sophisticated yin yang butterfly tattoo. The lily pattern and white butterfly reflect the wearer’s art and aesthetics.

Adding circular, repeating patterns to a simple motif is a great way to level out a design. This mapadala tattoo in the shape of a yin yang symbol is a great example. In terms of measurement, themapadalas represent a wholeness and a structure, which complement the symbolism of yi and yag.

Ouroboros, often known as a word that bites its tail, represents the endless cycle of life. This oroboros tattoo has a pair of black and white koi fish in the center, which can symbolize yi and yag, life and deаth. The union of the two concepts shows the user’s deep thoughts about life.

Wave tattoos often represent the power of nature and the new beginning that is avoidable. But this opening has a different meaning. The black part of the symbol represents streams of black and white merging together, implying that not everything in life is purely good or bad.

Batch flowers are considered a sacred symbol of purity and tranquility in Buddhism and Hydraism. By adding a small batch to the yin yang motif, the tattoo artist creates a design that reflects the importance of peace and balance.

This beautiful and complex chest tattoo represents two raves in black and white, reflecting the yi and yag symbol. It further pushes the idea of two opposing energies in harmony by adding momentum and movement to the design.

The addition also helps create a focal point, keeping viewers’ attention on the central concept and not being dazzled by details.

The heart, as a symbol of love, often represents romance and affection. Transforming the heart into a yi and yag design, this tattoo is a reminder that, as important as passion is, harmony is needed for a relationship to thrive.

This creative and complex tattoo borrows the concept of yi and yag and translates it in a different way. If the universe represents curiosity about flow, the other half’s circuit board will be a symbol of logic and strict rules. The most common combination shows the equal value of the user’s imagination and precision.

Top tattoos are so loved because they reflect the passionate side of those who wear them. As extravagant as this apple tattoo is, the place reduces its volume, bold but still discreet.

This tattoo is the perfect example that yin yang tattoos don’t always have to be black and white. Red gives a touch of color and distinguishes it from the usual designs.


This design is an option that deserves to be looked at closely. The yin and yang symbol is separated into two parts, and both seem to move according to their own will. It shows that when two people are the perfect couple, life will eventually guide them together.

Many people think of watercolor tattoos as those bold designs with various colors similar to a rainbow. But they can be as simple as this. Without a difference between colors, the design appears more natural and fluid.

In our interview with tattoo artist Intat, he mentioned that yi and yag were his fundamental design concept. This back tattoo is one of the best representations of his style. The intertwined speeches convey the message that each of us has a dark side and a bright side. And it makes us human.

Yin and yang refer to darkness and light, femininity and masculinity. This oriental tattoo depicts a sash of paper with lotus flowers blooming on top. The yin-yang symbol is placed right in the middle, giving a touch of balance and harmony to the design.

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