FULL OF MUSCLES: LeBron James shows off his physique in an unbuttoned shirt during the Super Bowl after-party.

As the echoes of the Super Bowl’s climactic moments lingered in the air, an eclectic mix of luminaries took to the streets of Los Angeles to extend the jubilation. LeBron James, Lil Kim, Winnie Harlow, French Montana, and the dynamic duo of T.I. and Tiny were among the constellation of stars spotted painting the town red following the Los Angeles Rams’ triumphant victory over the Cincinnati Bengals at the iconic SoFi Stadium.

LeBron James bares his chest as he and other stars hit Super Bowl after-parties  in Los Angeles | Daily Mail Online

lebron james flashes body 014706004

Amidst the post-game euphoria, LeBron James commanded attention with his trademark style, strutting out of a Santa Monica after-party at the trendy beachside haunt, Elephante. Opting for a daring fashion statement, the 37-year-old NBA phenom proudly flaunted his chiseled physique, leaving his multi-colored horizontal-striped shirt tantalizingly unbuttoned as he made his way to his awaiting chariot.

lebron james flashes body 044706007

lebron james flashes body 014706004

Against the backdrop of the glittering Los Angeles skyline, the night unfolded in a whirlwind of extravagance and excitement as celebrities and sports icons alike reveled in the spoils of victory. From exclusive VIP soirees to impromptu street celebrations, the city pulsated with an energy that could only be described as electric, ensuring that this Super Bowl night would be etched into the annals of Hollywood lore for years to come.

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