“Game Changer: Andy Reid Transforms the Chiefs Locker Room Vibe Following Impressive 17-10 Victory Over the Baltimore Ravens”

Travis Kelce leads Chiefs locker room celebrations after reaching the Super Bowl as Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid deliver a rallying cry to their Kansas City team: 'We ain't done yet!'

WATCH: Andy Reid sets the Chiefs Dressing room on fire with a victory Danced after the chiefs 17-10 win against the Baltimore Ravens

Before Andy Reid addressed the playoff bound Chiefs and congratulated them on their 17-10 win over the Ravens on Sunday, he needed to get something off his chest.

He needed to express how he truly felt about his team’s accomplishment. So, in typical fashion, Reid turned to his dance moves.

Earlier this season, we saw Reid dance to celebrate a win. A couple years back, we saw him run through a brick wall (kind of, at least). On Sunday, Reid pulled the Dab out of his back pocket.

Reid’s decision paid off. He set the locker room on fire. Then, Reid addressed his playoff team

As Reid so fittingly told his team, “You’re in the dance.”

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