How Messi’s Remarkable Feat United Chinese Soccer Fans

Superstar Lionel Messi recently set an unprecedented milestone in his career after scoring in the match between Argentina and Australia.

On the evening of June 15, Vietnam time, Messi and Argentina had a friendly match against Australia at the Beijing Workers Stadium, China. The Albiceleste captain started the game from the start and it didn’t take long to make his mark.

Lionel Messi: Young Chinese soccer fan gives security the slip to hug his  hero Messi mid-game | CNN

Right in the second minute, the Inter Miami superstar drew a beautiful curve from a distance of 20m to open the scoring for Argentina. The cut was too perfect not to give goalkeeper Matthew Ryan a chance to save.

Messi’s goal immediately made the whole bridge seem toe x p l o d e. According to the Argentine press, there were more than 60,000 fans present at the Beijing Workers Stadium to cheer on M10 and his teammates. Most of them are local fans who come to see Messi with their own eyes.

How Lionel Messi sent Chinese fans into a frenzy on a dreamy night - CGTN

Not only did it stir up the fans of the country of billions of people, the beautiful goal recently also helped Messi set an unprecedented milestone in his career. Specifically, according to 433, El Pulga only took 119 seconds to put the ball into the net, thereby becoming the fastest goal in the career of the 35-year-old superstar.

The news agency also said that Messi is now just one goal short of a goal scored within the first 60 seconds to complete the all-minute scoring record.

Messi Achieves Unprecedented Feat, Igniting a Stir among Chinese Fans. rr - New Lifes

After M10’s early opening goal, Argentina continued to overwhelm Australia and then got a two-goal advantage in the second half. The scorer this time was midfielder German Pezzella with a mighty header in the 68th minute. 2-0 is also the final result of the friendly match between Argentina and Australia.

Messi Achieves Unprecedented Feat, Igniting a Stir among Chinese Fans. rr - New Lifes

After the match against Australia today, the World Cup champions will have another friendly match against Indonesia on June 19 in Jakarta. However, according to reputable source TyC Sports, Messi will not play this match and will leave to start the summer break after the season.

Argentina vs Australia: Socceroos fan hard to see in Lionel Messi's China  masterclass

Messi Achieves Unprecedented Feat, Igniting a Stir among Chinese Fans. rr - New Lifes
Messi Achieves Unprecedented Feat, Igniting a Stir among Chinese Fans. rr - New Lifes

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