I Kind of Enjoyed It When Patrick Mahomes Called Me for Money: Mahomes Randi

Life has done a complete 180 for Patrick Mahomes and his family over the last eight years; from a questionable prospect out of Texas Tech to becoming the face of the NFL. Not so surprisingly, this shift has also affected Mahomes’ personal life. His mom, Randi Mahomes, recently opened up about some of those drastic changes she has personally experienced since Patrick became an NFL superstar.

On “The Mom Game” podcast, Randi shared how their world flipped upside down after Patrick landed on his feet, especially following his mega-deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.


She remembered a time when Patrick used to call her up for money, but those days were long gone. Now, he’s the man of the house, paying the bills. Randi admitted that she initially felt weird about it and added that she now misses those moments when her kids needed her.

“It’s a new life, almost. A new of living. It’s a little different that the way we were living, you know, eight years ago. He would call me for money. I kind of enjoyed it whenever they actually need me for money because my boys needed me for something. That was even hard for a long time for Patrick to have him buy my meal. I’m like ‘He’s my son. I buy his meal.”


While Patrick’s success has brought incredible opportunities, it’s also come with its share of challenges. The family can no longer enjoy simple pleasures like a quiet dinner out, as the Chiefs’ superstar’s fame often attracts crowds of fans wherever they go. Randi certainly misses those simple days when her son needed her for more than just cheering from the stands.

Patrick’s Mother Is a “Little Selfish” When It Comes to Her Children

During the candid conversation, Randi also gave the fans a raw look at the flip side of NFL stardom. While she is filled with pride seeing Patrick and his family living the high life, there’s an undercurrent of sadness too.


She appreciates that Patrick has his own house where she gets to hang out with her eldest; however, at the same time, it’s not entirely satisfying for her as a mother. Sometimes, she feels a bit selfish, wanting Patrick all to herself like in the old days, just to talk about each other’s day.

“I’m a little selfish sometimes. I want them to myself. So, I want to be able to talk to them and not have anyone around and just be our family.”

Patrick’s life might seem like a breeze from the outside. But reality paints a different picture. Even a simple outing requires careful planning now. The Mahomes can’t think about going for a quick bite without drawing attention.


Randi’s newfound fame has caught her off guard too. People reach out, eager to meet her, and she finds herself wondering, “Why would they be excited to meet me?” But then it clicks — for Patrick’s fans, connecting with his mom feels like getting one step closer to their hero.

There’s a sweet side to this attention, though. When Randi meets young fans, she sees reflections of her own kids. She often tries to give them a little something, understanding the impact Patrick has on their lives.

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