Intricate Ink: A Close-Up on Tattooist Ehyang’s Artistry

Artist Ehyang’s work is sophisticated, breezy, and whimsical, and it appeals to a wide audience. Find out more in this interview about her.

Ink featuring mythological animals, such as phoenixes, dragons, or mermaids, has always captivated me. That’s how I found the profile of Ehyang, a wannabe tattoo artist.

She is a young, female tattoo artist with over 200k Instagram followers who is situated in Seoul, South Korea. Her depictions of mythological creatures in tattoos are elegant and airy.

I had the opportunity of speaking with her today about her life, career, style, and advice on picking a qualified tattoo artist. Come along as we explore the tale of a young lady who bravely chose to defy expectations and forge her own route in the world of ink.

Interview with Tattoo Artist Ehyangthe beginning of one’s careerThe beginning of Ehyang’s story was marked by her challenges as a designer. The designs she was producing were determined exclusively by the needs of the company. The limitation soon became intolerable to someone who is passionate about the arts.

“I could only complete the design that the business requested. I wanted to draw more of what I loved, not just what I was told to, therefore I chose to become a tattoo artist.

She decided to pursue a career in tattooing since it was her passion and she wanted to let her imagination run wild. However, Ehyang saw herself surrounded by a sea of gifted artists in Seoul’s thriving tattoo business. She realized that developing a distinctive style was essential to standing out.

Butterfly dragon tattoo by

Fine line snowflakes by

Fox tattoo on the shoulder blade by

Phoenix back tattoo by

Fantasy cat tattoo by

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