LaMelo Ball Gifts 100 Scholarships to Students at His Mother’s Longtime School

Three years ago, LaMelo Ball’s mother, Tina, suffered a stroke. That ended her 24-year tenure at Vernon Middle School, where she started off as a physical education teacher and went on to become the athletic director. This November, two days before LaMelo became the Charlotte Hornets’ No. 3 pick in the NBA draft, he and CloseUp360 led a special day for her back on campus, where she was surprised by her former staff friends and received two Outstanding Achievement awards. Also, in honor of Tina, 100 Vernon students will be taking Yellowbrick courses this school year.

LaMelo is also providing a 20 percent discount on two of Yellowbrick’s most popular online courses—Sneaker Essentials and Streetwear Essentials—tying in with his favorite interests off the court. After finishing either course taught by top instructors and industry experts, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to assist you with your career endeavors.

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LaMelo Ball gave the ultimate birthday gift to his mom Tina

Partnering with CloseUp360 and Yellowbrick, LaMelo is providing 100 scholarships to students at the middle school where his mom worked as a P.E. teacher and athletic director for 24 years.

LaMelo Ball's Instagram photo: “Happy Mother's Day  love you momma ” | Lamelo ball, Street style outfits men, Kylie jenner workout

LaMelo Ball's Special Honor for His Mom | CloseUp360

Happy Mother's Day  | Lamelo ball, Ball, Love and basketball

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