Leaked secret documents: Chinese missiles penetrate US defense systems?

Recently leaked classified US intelligence documents not only refer to Ukraine and Russia but also provide a glimpse into China’s recent military activities.

Tài liệu mật bị rò rỉ của Mỹ nói gì về Trung Quốc? - Ảnh 1.

A pilot on a US fighter jet observes a Chinese “spy” hot air balloon on February 3. Photo: US Department of Defense


Notably, according to US media, a document details the test of China’s DF-27 supersonic glide vehicle on February 25.

Lộ diện tên lửa siêu thanh nặng 4 tấn có thể "xuyên thủng nước Mỹ" của TQ

This vehicle flies 2,100km in 12 minutes, with the ability to penetrate the US ballistic missile defense system is rated at a high level. Last year, the US government said Beijing was developing a long-range ballistic missile DF-27 (range 5,000-8,000km).

According to experts, missiles using hypersonic glide vehicles are designed to fly faster than five times the speed of sound, making them nearly impossible to shoot down. China is considered one of the countries with the most advanced hypersonic weapons development program in the world.

In addition, another document mentions the exercise of the Yushen LHA-31 helicopter carrier of the Chinese navy. This ship is expected to play an important role in a potential military campaign against Taiwan (China).

And yet, Washington is said to be monitoring Beijing’s move to expand its military presence abroad. For example, the document notes that Nicaragua is in talks with a Chinese company about the construction of a deep-water port in the Caribbean country.

Also according to classified documents, US intelligence agencies know about the activities of four Chinese “spy” balloons. Of these, they do not know the true capacity of the aircraft that flew over US territory earlier this year, called Killeen-23 and was shot down not long after.

Several other documents seek to assess China’s ability to provide aid to Russia. It is said that Beijing will react strongly and is ready to increase support to Moscow if Ukraine attacks a position of high strategic value or targets the Russian leadership.

In an article on WeChat, Hu Xijin, former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, said that many of the leaked documents were based on signal intelligence, thereby showing that the US relies on technical means to gather information. news about China.

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