LeBron James Celebrates 55th Birthday Surrounded by Love and Gratitude for His Brave Mother

LeBron James, the superstar player for the Los Angeles Lakers, recently sent an emotional message to his mother, who is now 55 years old and raised him despite all the odds.


LeBron James, the superstar player for the Los Angeles Lakers, was born in Akron, Ohio, a rather modest city. And he was the only son of Gloria Marie James, who put in a lot of effort to give him a secure atmosphere and brought him up despite the fact that the odds were stacked against them. James attributes his enormous success and his status as a role model to the influence of his mother. In addition, he had lately delivered a heartfelt note to his mother, who is now 54 years old.

It was 1984 when LeBron James was born, and his mother was only 16 years old at the time. Because Gloria resided with her mother, the James family was forced to endure a circumstance that was less than ideal. However, James was only 19 years old when she passed suddenly, which was a terrible tragedy.

As a consequence of this, Gloria James was forced to bring up her child by herself. Because she was his only parent, she was forced to make difficult choices and put in a lot of extra effort in order to maintain a consistent environment for her son. As a direct consequence of this, LeBron James and his mother continue to share a very strong bond even to this day.

LeBron James shares a heartfelt message to his mom

LeBron James’ mom recently posted a message showcasing her love for her son. She captioned it with a photo of the two and she said, “My truest blessing. I couldn’t have asked God for anyone better. Love you my son.” And James reposted his mom’s post on his story and wrote: “I LOVE YOU MORE MAMA!”

LeBron James Shares Very Emotional Message For Her Mother: 'You Are My Angel On Earth' - Fadeaway World

.LeBron James has made it a priority to show his mother as much love and adoration as possible while also making sure she is well taken care of. James contacted his mother after winning his fourth title with the Los Angeles Lakers in the Orlando Bubble and expressed his gratitude to her for everything she had done for him. He called her quite early on, and they had a lengthy discussion after he did so. She was one of the first persons he spoke to after making the call.LeBron James Shares Beautiful Tribute To His Mother Gloria James | Lebron james, Tribute, Black is beautiful

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