“Magic’s Millionaire Armada: NBA Legend Sets Sail into Summer with a 100-Strong Security Fleet”

Magic Johnson spent huge sums of money to hire 100 bodyguards to protect his family during an incredible 6-week summer vacation trip on the superyacht Phoenix 2

This year, Magic Johnson charted Phoenix 2, an older but dazzling custom Lurssen superyacht that’s also listed for sale with an asking of $125 million. Joining the Johnson family were the families of good friends Michael Jordan, Samuel L. Jackson, and Judge Greg Mathis, for a six-week cruise in the Mediterranean that they briefly documented on social media.

The summer vacation has come to an end, and in a surprising move (for a celebrity), Johnson said goodbye with a touching tribute to the captain and the crew of the vessel. To be fair, the former NBA champ has repeatedly included them in his social media posts these past few weeks, thanking them for the meals, the parties, and every little nice thing they did for the guests during the cruise.

If those posts aren’t sponcons, and they’re more likely not, they should be.Jokes aside, Phoenix 2 is an incredible vessel, and the crew is made up of experienced professionals well deserving of this kind of exposure. The 90-meter (295-foot) superyacht was designed as an entertaining venue with nods to the styling of the Art Deco era. It’s an exciting mix of glitz and coziness, with an emphasis on relaxation and pampering. In short, it’s just the place to forget about the rest of the world for six incredible weeks.

Delivered to the original owner, Polish financier Jan Kulczyk, in 2010, Phoenix 2 saw a more recent refit in 2019, which brought aesthetic and performance improvements without infringing on its unique personality – courtesy of the skilled work of longtime Lurssen partner Winch Design. It has been a very popular charter platform for years, but this is the first time Magic Johnson charters it.

Amenities available to the 14 guests range from a pair of helipads and a pair of jacuzzis because life is better when you have things in twos, a formal ballroom, and a large outdoor cinema. Phoenix 2 also offers a winter garden, a gorgeous bar, a large swim platform, plush and cozy lounge areas, and the services of a 28-person permanent crew, including two personal chefs, a massage specialist, and a personal trainer. The oversize garages are packed with a large assortment of gear and water toys.

Power comes from twin MTU engines of 2,670 hp each, with Phoenix able to reach top speeds of 18 knots (20.7 mph/33 kph). But when you’re being entertained so luxuriously, performance is perhaps the last thing on your mind – just ask Magic Johnson

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