Maluma, a musician who gave a performance at the 2022 World Cup, was overjoyed to meet Messi.


Maluma, the internationally acclaimed talented singer-songwriter, has garnered a staggering 29.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, a testament to his immense popularity and global appeal. While he has captivated audiences around the world with his mesmerizing music, there is another aspect of his life that ignites an equally fervent passion within him: soccer.

Being an avid soccer fan, Maluma has long been a fan of the Brazilian national team. His heart raced with excitement every time they took the field, and he proudly donned the vibrant yellow jersey, showing his unwavering support for the Seleção. His love for the beautiful game knew no bounds, and he reveled in the excitement and camaraderie that soccer brought to millions of people around the world.


However, fate had something extraordinary in store for the 2022 World Cup. As the tournament approached, Maluma found himself caught in a conundrum. Argentina, the homeland of his idol, the legendary Lionel Messi, was also competing in the prestigious event. A dilemma of the heart unfolded before him: should he remain loyal to his beloved Brazil or follow the path of his idol?


In the end, Maluma’s admiration for Messi prevailed, who made the momentous decision to support Argentina. Despite Brazil’s fierce rivalry with their South American counterparts, Maluma couldn’t resist the allure of witnessing Messi’s magic on the world’s greatest stage. He believed in Messi’s unparalleled skills, vision and leadership, convinced that this was the time for his hero to shine and lift the coveted World Cup.


Throughout the tournament, Maluma’s heart fluttered with each exciting moment and heart-stopping match. When Argentina faced a setback in their first match, some questioned his loyalty, assuming he might switch sides. But they couldn’t have been more wrong. Maluma’s dedication remained unwavering and he ardently defended Messi’s abilities, exuding confidence that Argentina would overcome any challenge.

As fate would have it, Brazil and Argentina made it to the final, setting the stage for an epic showdown. Emotions ran high, not only on the pitch but also in Maluma’s heart, torn between his beloved Brazil and the fascinating Argentina led by Messi. In the end, the euphoria of seeing Messi lift the World Cup trophy was a moment Maluma treasured beyond words. For him, it was the fulfillment of a dream, a celebration of talent and an ode to the beauty of soccer.


Now, as Maluma’s two friends meet again, their camaraderie and lively banter about the events of the World Cup promise an unforgettable reunion. Regardless of their differing loyalties, they find solace in the magic of soccer, a sport that unites people from all walks of life, transcending borders and boundaries. Maluma’s journey and his new admiration for Argentina and Messi is a testament to the allure and unifying power of the beautiful game.

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