Man Utd’s Garnacho’s Impressive Prison Break Arm Tattoo.

Manchester United wonderkid Alejandro Garnacho posted photos of his amazing new tattoo on social media.

Alejandro Garnacho, a wonderkid for Manchester United, has posted pictures of his incredible new tattoo on social media.

Characters from the popular television series Prison Break have been tattooed onto Garnacho’s right arm.

Man Utd youngster Alejandro Garnacho shows off incredible Pгιso𝚗 Break sleeve tattoo

The right lower arm of the 18-year-old already had tattoos, but with the most recent addition, he now has a full sleeve.

There are no prizes for figuring out what his favorite TV program is either.

Garnacho proudly displayed the tattoo on Instagram. It features images of Michael Schofield, the star of Prison Break.

There are also images of Lincoln Burrows and the evil character T-Bag; United legend Gary Neville previously disclosed that the latter was a moniker Wayne Rooney gave to him.

Garnacho also has a portrait of a woman’s face on his heavily tattooed right arm.

Man Utd youngster Alejandro Garnacho shows off incredible Pгιso𝚗 Break sleeve tattoo

Then there is a drawing of a ferocious-looking tiger on his left arm, along with other ink.

One of Old Trafford’s future stars is expected to be the teenager Garnacho.

Last month, it was exclusively геᴠеаlеd by SunSport that Garnacho had impressed Erik ten Hag, the new boss, during practice.

The winger’s current contract with the Red Devils expires in just one year, but the team is eager to lock him into a long-term agreement.

Man Utd youngster Alejandro Garnacho shows off incredible Pгιso𝚗 Break sleeve tattoo

On the first weekend, Garnacho made a brief appearance off the bench in the loss to Brighton before sitting out the 4-0 drubbing by Brentford.

In just six games, he scored seven goals and provided three assists to help United win the FA Youth Cup last season. The young team was awarded the trophy.

Man Utd wonderkid Alejandro Garnacho dines out with family and agent as he closes in on quadruple-your-money deal

Alejandro Garnacho of MANCHESTER UNITED joined his agent for lunch as they neared the signing of his new quadruple-your-money contract.

Under Erik ten Hag, the 18-year-old Argentine has quickly made his way into the first team, scoring two goals and dishing out two assists.

Last month, it was said that United intended to sign Garnacho to a long-term contract.

Man Utd youngster Alejandro Garnacho shows off incredible Pгιso𝚗 Break sleeve tattoo

That occurred amid rumors that Juventus and Real Madrid were planning to make a move for him.

Although Atletico Madrid was also interested in signing Garnacho, it looks like the Red Devils will be his future home.

According to reports, the winger has agreed to a pay increase to £30,000 per week from his current salary of £7,000.

The contract is reportedly for five and a half years, and on Monday, the ace and his closest friends appeared to be celebrating.

Man Utd youngster Alejandro Garnacho shows off incredible Pгιso𝚗 Break sleeve tattoo

Garnacho was seen dining at Hale’s well-known CIBO restaurant with his family and agent Carlos Cambeiro.

The United man’s brother, mother, and father joined the winger and his representative there before they left and went their separate ways.

Days earlier, against Crystal Palace, Garnacho was instructed to accept being removed from the game after only a few minutes of play.

In the 59th minute of United’s 2-1 victory over the Eagles, the South American took the place of Wout Weghorst, but he only played for 30 minutes before Harry Maguire was introduced in his place after midfielder Casemiro was sent off for stifling Will Hughes.

It’s not always pleasant to remove a player who we brought on, but the player must accept that it is necessary for the team’s success, according to Ten Hag.

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