NBA legend LeBron James begins build of his dream Beverly Hills home after demolishing $36.8 million mansion he bought in 2020

LeBron James demolished the opulent $36.8 million estate he purchased in September 2020 and is now finally starting construction on his ideal Beverly Hills home.

James poses with his wife Savannah at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday

The NBA legend has finally received approval to start construction on the property after a two-year court battle, and this week, builders are swarming the location to kickstart the long-delayed project.

Another angle of the property shows the sheer size of the project, with many builders already working on the build

The enormity of the project is seen in exclusive photos obtained by, where the home where Katharine Hepburn formerly resided is replaced with heaps of dirt.After being owned by Hollywood star Charles Boyer in the 1930s, Howard Hughes eventually purchased the house and leased it Audrey Hepburn.LeBron purchased the property in September 2020, but it seems he had entirely different ideas for the well-known house. Just a few years before it turned 100, he obtained permission to demolish it right away.

Before it was demolished, the land was home to a huge mansion, in which Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn used to live

James will now design his ideal home on the vast 2.5-acre plot of land that contained several buildings, demonstrating his intention to remain in Los Angeles long after his playing career is over.

One of the biggest driveway gates in Los Angeles also guards the property.

After Hepburn moved out, the home was owned by non-celebrities for many years until 1986, when it was bought for $2.9m

The NBA veteran is presently considering his options after the Denver Nuggets, the eventual champions, eliminated the Lakers from the NBA playoffs in May.

James, who is 38 years old, hinted to a potential retirement shortly after the game, telling reporters, “I got a lot to think about.” In terms of my own development as a basketball player, I have a lot to consider.James has been clear about his desire to buy an NBA expansion franchise in Las Vegas when the time comes for him to finally walk off the court for the last time.

He praised the place after participating in a preseason match in Sin City the previous year, saying, “It’s wonderful.” It has the world’s greatest fan following, and I would want to eventually bring a team here. That would be incredible.

On the court, James has been in Los Angeles for five seasons - and clearly sees his long-term future in the California city

“I want the team here, Adam, thank you. I know Adam [Silver] is in Abu Dhabi right now, I think with the Bucks and Atlanta, but he probably sees every single interview and transcript that comes through from NBA players.”With the acquisition of the land and his aspirations to construct his ideal home in Beverly Hills, James has undoubtedly made a significant commitment to the city of Los Angeles, regardless of whether that plan is realized.

His son Bronny and possibly his second kid Bryce will also probably be seen on the NBA court in the coming years as they advance through the ranks.

James' son Bronny is also an up-and-coming basketball star, and he will attend the University of Southern California this year

Recently, Bronny committed to the University of Southern California, which will keep him near his dad’s new, unfinished mansion.

Another reason LeBron might be eager to remain in the area for the foreseeable future is that USC is closer than a 30-minute, 10-mile commute from the Beverly Hills residence.

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