NBA star Ben Simmons’ $17.5M LA mansion, where he practices basketball with his younger brother

Ben Simmons, an NBA point guard, is once more interested in selling his Los Angeles residence, this time through an auction.

The asking price for the residence, which has been marketed since 2022, is $17.495 million. The newly built residence, situated on a 1.45-acre lot in the celebrity-favored Hidden Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, is 12,000 square feet in size and features seven bedrooms and eight baths. The mansion was finished in 2021 under the design of Max Nobel of Nobel LA. Among its opulent and impressive features were a 65-foot pool and a 40-foot-tall great room. The property will be listed on the online marketplace of Concierge Auctions on April 18, and the auction will conclude on April 30. It is anticipated that bids will range between $7 million and $12 million.

Simmons, a native of Australia who has appeared as a point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers and, more recently, the Brooklyn Nets, was named NBA Rookie of the Year in 2018. In addition to his notable association with model Kendall Jenner, Simmons was born in Australia.

“Unfortunately, because I spend the majority of my time on the East Coast, this lovely home that I’ve enjoyed remаins largely unused,” Simmons said in a press release. “The time has come to proceed.”

The home’s exterior is constructed from vertical reclaimed wood and charcoal-hued masonry, lending it a masculine appearance. A double-height great room with vaulted ceilings and expansive windows that overlook the verdant courtyard is located on the interior. A distinctive element of the living area is the 6,000-pound floating brass fireplace. The formal dining room and living room are separated by the fireplace.

In addition to a contemporary kitchen, there is a concealed chef’s kitchen fit for a professional chef for those who enjoy hosting guests. With a seamless transition from the kitchen to the patio, dining al fresco becomes a breeze in the warmer months. Simmons unquestionably possesses impeccable aesthetic sensibility, as the two magnificent fixtures by Preciosa Lighting serve as evidence.

You feel connected to nature or have views of the natural environs from every room in the house. An airy staircase leading to the upper chambers leads to a Zen garden adorned with a bonsai tree. In addition, there is a soundproof movie theater, a Simmons-designed fitness center, and a backyard area featuring a cabana with a video wall and barbecue station, pool, veranda, and fireplace.

There’s also a detached guest house with a bedroom, kitchenette, walk-in closet and private infinity plunge pool. The entire property is surrounded by beautiful olive trees.

“The buyer of this Hidden Hills modern retreat will experience true luxury in every way,” says listing agent Rachel Salgado, who is working in partnership with other agents Gregory La Plant and Raynie and Branden Williams of The Beverly Hills Estates. “The home offers a private sanctuary for both relaxation and entertainment, with meticulous attention to detail evident in every corner. From the floor-to-ceiling Italian brass fireplace to the al fresco dining area, state-of-the-art appliances and stunning 65-foot pool and spa, this is a true immersion into the ultimate living experience.”

Hidden Hills is nestled along the Santa Monica Mountains and is known for its horse riding trails, hiking and easy access to beaches, shopping and entertainment.

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