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20 Standard-Compliant White Nail Art Ideas Perfect for the Season

There are numerous popular nail trends, such as ombre, black French tip nails, minimalist nail designs, and even easy-to-apply nail gel stickers and strips. However, we can’t talk about manicure trends without reviewing the timeless …

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37 Red Nail Ideas That Defy Boredom

Within the world of fashion, nail art has become a thriving industry. There are several options available when it comes to choosing the color for your nail design, with red now being a popular choice. Red is a sensual, emotional and …

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32 Cute Nail Decoration Ideas You Can Show Off With Your Kids

Some children enjoy expressing themselves and flaunting their style whenever possible, whether through clothing or accessories. Another great way to express yourself is through nail art, and there are plenty of cute kids’ nail designs …

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36 Winning Burgundy Nails You Won’t Resist

Since you are already tired of the classic French and red manicures and are looking for new ideas, we have something for you. Elegant, self-confident women who always know what they want choose burgundy nails. Although this shade has …

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Embrace the Blooming Nail Trends

As the last remnants of winter frost begin to thaw and the first buds of spring emerge, it’s time to transition your nail game from cozy winter hues to fresh, vibrant early spring designs. Early spring nail trends offer a delightful …

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40+ short and elegant ideas

If you are looking for a way to add a touch of serenity and elegance to your short nails, the color blue is a perfect choice. Here we present more than 40 elegant and charming short manicure ideas in blue tones for a…

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