Ronaldo’s mother Maria Dolores

Stepping into her twilight years, Dolores Aveiro appeared to have achieved everything an ordinary woman could dream of. However, her life is not without challenges.

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Earlier this month, Mrs. Dolores caused great concern for the Ronaldo family when she suffered a stroke. At the age of 65, Cristiano Ronaldo’s beloved mother is battling various health issues to continue being with the Portuguese superstar.

From the outside, it’s evident that Mrs. Dolores leads a wealthy life. She has a dutiful son, who happens to be one of the richest and most talented footballers in the world, and Ronaldo has given her four beautiful grandchildren.

Mrs. Dolores is always proud that Ronaldo sees himself as her little son. He often takes her on long trips on a private jet and buys her expensive gifts.

When Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in 2009, he brought his mother along and purchased a £2 million apartment in the heart of Madrid for her. Every month, Ronaldo spends £4,800 to fly Mrs. Dolores and her friends to Cape Verde for vacation.

Cristiano Ronaldo gifts brand new Mercedes to mother Maria Dolores on  Mother's Day

Ronaldo once bought his mother a £100,000 car, and a few years later, she was seen posing with another brand new car worth £250,000. Additionally, she owns branded items from the world’s leading fashion stores.

Last year, Dolores revealed that she was fighting for her life against breast cancer. This wasn’t the first time she battled this terrible disease. In 2007, Ronaldo was extremely worried when she was diagnosed with right breast cancer, but she was successfully treated afterwards.

On the eve of her son’s 34th birthday, while on a flight to Italy to meet Ronaldo, Mrs. Dolores confirmed: “I had surgery in Madrid, then radiation therapy, and now, I am must fight for his life.”

Everything seemed fine after that, until now when Mrs. Dolores suffered a stroke. She experienced an ischemic stroke, caused by a blood clot that blocks or interrupts the transmission of oxygen to the brain. This is the most common type of stroke in the elderly.

Cristiano Ronaldo's mother pens touching message for grandson Cristiano  Jr's 10th birthday

Upon receiving the bad news, Ronaldo immediately returned to take care of his mother. He affirmed on his personal page: “My mother is stable and recovering well at the hospital. Me and my family sincerely thank the doctors who have taken care of my mother through the critical condition.”

In 2009, Ronaldo donated £100,000 to the hospital where his mother was treated for cancer for the first time. A friend of Ronaldo revealed: “Cristiano has always expressed deep gratitude to the doctors and nurses who saved his mother’s life. He knows the suffering that the families of cancer patients have to endure, so he wants to do what he wants to do there to share.”

For Ronaldo, his mother is everything. Without the caring efforts of Mrs. Dolores, there would not be Ronaldo’s success today.

Born in 1954 in a fishing village on the Atlantic island of Madeira, Dolores had to grow up in an orphanage. Her mother died early, and her father left to marry someone else, leaving her to live in misery, violence, and even cancer. At the age of 18, she married José Dinis Aveiro (later Ronaldo’s father). The turning point came for the family when she became pregnant with Ronaldo in 1985.

“He was the child I wanted to get rid of,” Maria Dolores said in her autobiography, “Courageous Mother,” published in 2014. “God didn’t want that to happen, and I felt protected because of it. He didn’t punish me.”

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Maria Dolores was a chef in her 30s at the time. The difficult life with an alcoholic husband and a low-income career in the local football team sometimes made her depressed. The two had three children in 1984, and when she found out she was pregnant with the fourth child, Maria Dolores’ head was full of thoughts.

“I went to the doctor to ask for an abortion, but he refused,” Dolores said. After returning home, the mother of three continued to carry out her intention to kill her unborn child by any means, such as drinking beer or frantically exercising, following advice from neighbors.

Who is Ronaldo's mum and how did she help him? As footballer breaks down  over his alcoholic dad - Mirror Online

The desire to have an abortion failed, and she finally decided to give birth to Ronaldo, take care of him, and help him grow up to have the success he is today.

Since the age of 18, Ronaldo revealed that Dolores has managed his son’s money. The choice of Ronaldo’s girlfriend was also closely followed by Mrs. Dolores. In 2008, ex-lover Nereida Gallardo revealed to the press that “Ronaldo always listens to his mother, and Dolores always interferes in his son’s love affairs.” The Spanish supermodel broke up with Ronaldo for that reason.

Ronaldo Diminta Ibu Segera Tinggalkan MU

Ronaldo’s later girlfriend like Irina Shayk also fell into a similar situation when she did not win the heart of Mrs. Dolores. It wasn’t until Georgina Rodriguez appeared that Mrs. Dolores was satisfied.

“Children take care of children, old people take care of grandchildren” – that

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