Russia helped China shoot down two US military planes, immediately the British, French and Japanese alliances responded to this move.

In recent years, tensions in the South China Sea have been steadily rising, with the United States and China engaged in a bitter struggle for dominance in the region. However, a recent development has further complicated the situation: the deployment of two modern Russian submarines to assist China in its efforts to counter U.S. military activities in the area.

Russia’s move to fire multiple ballistic torpedoes in pursuit of US military aircraft caused two planes to fall into the sea, leading to a sharp escalation in tensions between the three countries. Russia’s decision to send its advanced submarines to China’s aid only adds to the concerns of American officials, who now face the daunting prospect of confronting more than one but two powerful rivals in the region.

Currently, US allies such as Britain, France, and Japan have begun to take action to support the US, they send notices to Russia and China if there are still aggressive moves in the East Sea, they will have sanctions. Immediately Britain sent 3 military ships with a large airport with 30 military aircraft, France sent 2 military ships and 20 military aircraft, Japan sent 5 supersonic technology submarines to stop the Russian side. .

The situation in the South China Sea is complex and multifaceted, with overlapping territorial claims, resource disputes, and geopolitical rivalries all playing a role. China, in particular, has been aggressively asserting its claims to the region, building artificial islands and deploying military assets in a bid to bolster its presence there.

The U.S., meanwhile, has sought to maintain a strong naval presence in the area, conducting regular patrols and exercises to demonstrate its commitment to upholding freedom of navigation and challenging China’s claims to the region. However, the presence of advanced Russian submarines adds a new dimension to the conflict, making it even more difficult for the U.S. to maintain its edge in the region.

It remains to be seen what impact the deployment of the Russian submarines will have on the overall situation in the South China Sea. Some analysts have suggested that this move is merely a temporary show of support for China, and that Russia has no long-term interest in getting involved in the conflict. Others, however, argue that this is part of a broader effort by Russia to expand its influence and challenge U.S. dominance in the region.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, one thing is clear: the situation in the South China Sea is likely to remain tense and volatile for the foreseeable future. As the U.S. and its allies continue to push back against China’s territorial claims and military activities in the region, the addition of Russian submarines to the mix only serves to further complicate an already difficult and complex situation.

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