Russia posted a video of paratroopers blocking the Ukrainian company’s counterattack. Surprise about time and place

Russia posted a video of paratroopers blocking the Ukrainian company’s counterattack
The Russian military released a video of paratroopers repelling an attack by a Ukrainian motorized infantry company supported by tanks.

The Russian Defense Ministry on April 24 released a video recorded from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), showing a battle between the country’s paratroopers and a Ukrainian motorized infantry unit. The time and location of the battle were not disclosed.

The Russian military said the battle took place when Ukraine mobilized a company of motorized infantry, supported by two main battle tanks and artillery, to launch a counterattack to retake some of the damaged areas. previously lost. The Russian paratroopers used infantry weapons, grenade launchers and anti-tank guns to cope, as well as constantly calling in artillery support.

The battle between Russian airborne troops and Ukrainian motorized infantry in the video released on April 24. Video: Zvezda

Images from the UAV showed five Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicles moving into the battlefield and troops, but the surrounding area was then shelled. Armored vehicles moved from the battlefield, while infantry and tanks continued to engage the enemy.

In the next image, one Ukrainian tank lies motionless in the middle of the intersection, while the other moves along the route between the two front lines and continuously fires. The second tank then also lay still on the side of the road and exploded violently, it is not clear whether it was hit by shells or the crew abandoned the vehicle and destroyed it by Russian forces with explosives.

The Russian airborne troops were then reinforced with two more tanks and forced the Ukrainian forces to withdraw. “The enemy suffered heavy losses of people and weapons, including two tanks. The attack was a complete failure, causing them to give up their intention to retake this area “, the Russian Defense Ministry said. .

The Ukrainian military has not commented on the information.

Russia recently deployed several units of paratroopers to support and flank the attacks of Wagner private security group in Bakhmut, preventing the Ukrainian army from counter-attacking this force. Several Russian airborne units are also deployed in the Donbass region and Kherson province.

Russia posted a video of paratroopers blocking the Ukrainian company from countering the Russian army. JAV drone recording showing a battle between the country’s paratroopers and a motorized infantry unit of grena undisclosed time and place Russian military said the battle takes place when brena mobilizes a company of motorized infantry with support from two tanks

The main battle force and the Artillery conducted a counterattack to regain some previously lost areas, the Russian paratroopers used infantry weapons, grenade launchers and Tang launchers to cope as well as constantly calling artillery. photo exhibition from JAV shows 5 Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicles moving into the battlefield and dropping troops but the surrounding area is then bombarded with mobile armored vehicles from the battlefield while infantry and tanks continue to engage with the local in the next image a Ukrainian tank lies dormant in the middle of the Crossroads while
the other was moved along the route between the two front lines and continuously fired the second tank, then also lay still on the side of the road and exploded violently because they shelled or the crew abandoned the vehicle and Russian forces. destroyed by explosives the Russian air force was then reinforced by 2 more tanks and forced the Ukrainian forces to withdraw the enemy suffered heavy casualties and weapons including two tanks, the attack was lost. The complete defeat made them give up their intention to retake this area, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense

or the Canadian military has not commented on recent Russian information Deploying many parachute units to support and protect the flanks of the attacks of the national security military group in Battambang to prevent the kenna army from counterattacking. This force, many Russian air-synchronized units are also deployed in the Don Bat region and the province declares that the Russians are attacking from all directions to block Ukraine’s supply road in North Mart, the leader of the donex region said that Russian forces are advancing. attack from the northwest and west of the city to arrest them in order to find a way

control of the eastern Ukrainian front in North Mart the situation has remained tense over the past 24 hours our members from the private military company water have advanced in the west and northwest – they have now approached an area rather complex area of high-rise buildings where the enemy has established a defense system for the leadership of the people’s republic of donnect dbia self-proclaimed Dennis poseline said April 24 statement Mruccin Confirms Russian forces are advancing towards the railway line in the North, active efforts are underway

to really cut off the enemy’s last line of reinforcement The battles are raging in the komovo settlement despite the unfavorable weather conditions and the basic supply road is under the control of the enemy. Russian firepower the enemy still managed to cross the target fields set very simply minimal restrictions and made the enemy unable to move Mr. poccillin added the same day Jeff jennie founder of the Russian private military force water claims that the Russian army is attacking Ukrainian forces in the North at a speed of

No One in Kyiv Knows Whether Russia Is Bluffing - The Atlantic

slowly But surely our mission is to crush the Ukrainian army so that they don’t have a chance to launch a counterattack we are having a lot of success Ukrainian military units are hiding in the North and are being We attack Mr. Precochin announced that the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense Lieutenant General igoconuts on April 24 announced that Russian forces are attacking the reserve forces of the Ukrainian army moving to the North in the settlement country Looka in the People’s Republic of donex self-proclaimed an attack

was carried out against the enemy reserve forces moving towards the northern city, connep said, adding that the Russian warplanes had carried out eight sorties and that the artillery had hit 76 targets according to the plan. donnect direction in 24h north musd city is located in the area after squeezing control in donnect this is an important traffic hub to bring supplies to the Ukrainian army in Dubai claims Russian forces have almost 90% control North Area on April 23, Russian Defense fans igoconnes Confirm Russian units won

control over two more areas in Bac Mot in a 24-hour period with the support of paratroopers a Ukrainian officer Canon said Russian forces are advancing in North Mart with unprecedented force. destroy everything in their path Conan confirmed. Each side suffered casualties in the fighting according to the Ukrainian commanders on the Front Line regular forces of the Russian army and members of the organization water is launching relentless attacks and the city of North just

The commander of Ukraine warned that if Russia achieves its goals in the North, Moscow will quickly deploy large numbers of forces and vehicles to other areas of priority and importance for Russia, these areas may could include the cities of malinca or the Levan in eastern Ukraine would maintain pressure on Russia during the counterattack in the possible impending counterattack Ukraine wants its Western allies to think they can sustain pressure on Russian forces to be able to continue receiving military support

Ukraine’s defiance in counter-offensive Ukraine regained control of some territory and last fall but has not made any further progress since then Present Ukraine’s challenge in breaking The breakdown of Russian forces’ defenses grew as Ukraine made little headway on the battlefield they needed to break the deadlock or face growing calls for a ceasefire and talks. Peace talks with Russia marketis a retired brigade commander of the US Army emphasized

How Ukraine's Military Has Resisted Russia So Far - The New York Times

If the Ukrainian Army can easily retake the territories controlled by Russia, they will gain the initiative on the battlefield. volume telesaki has repeatedly mentioned Ukraine’s upcoming counter-offensive operation But the time, place and form have not been revealed And even a decision may not have been made, observers say that the counterattack may take place in May or June Ukrainian officials Tell how

The attack that takes place will be determined by several elements of the counter-attack is a very specific calculation Mr. Minh Khai-lo pood The adviser to the President of Ukraine may be the readiness of weapons and the army and power. Russia’s attack speed in the face of a large-scale counter-attack Ukraine’s military and equipment supplies are improving as the West accelerates arms transfers and the return of trained soldiers to western Europe battlefield military experts say that Ukraine will not have an overwhelming force to attack the lines

Russian defenders so it is likely that TF will use a combination of coordinated ignition and speed This goal will undermine Russia’s ability to repel Ukrainian forces advancing Ukraine has a lot of options about when to attack single or multiple waves Ukraine can trap here and attack elsewhere as they did last summer When fighting in the mountains Bentley former commander of an infantry brigade His armored soldiers are currently working at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, which evaluates Mr. Market that the unexpected factor

The most important part of Ukraine’s counter-offensive is to ensure that Russia cannot concentrate a strong defensive force along Ukraine’s offensive line nor can it react quickly to a strategic QF advance. breaching Ukraine’s Russian defenses before Ukrainian military vehicles begin to enter the battlefield KF will seek to disrupt and destabilize Russian defenses this plan may include long-range attacks aimed at radar installations of anti-aircraft batteries and the rear center

It is necessary that according to monfe Ukraine’s open source intelligence team in recent weeks has increased attacks on Russian radar and electronic warfare systems Ukrainian forces can organize multiple attacks this will bring great opportunity to find weaknesses in the Russian defense system but will require more coordination of forces than a single or concentrated attack coordination between units will be very important. important because is has a limited number of trained soldiers and equipment to

deployed when the crayan army starts to attack they will try to break through the russian defenses after being launched a special military operation in queena russia has had time to dig trenches and fortifications in areas Russia has controlled since 2014 defenses there Even stronger if Ukrainian forces break through Russian defenses they will find a way to quickly put reinforcements behind Next step followed by finding and destroying the Russian air defense system, ammunition supply and control center

with the goal of controlling and recapturing more territory Moreover, it is a big unknown to what extent Russia will defend its line Although they have built many obstacles and may have prepared positions opening positions to attack Ukrainian forces, but it is unclear how Moscow will operate those defenses against counterattacks, which are also likely to keep a significant proportion of the force in reserve to reinforce the defense force. defending or repelling a Russian counterattack, flexibility and coordination on the battlefield is also important because

Any early crusade success needs to be capitalized on quickly before Russia counterattacks and Ukraine’s logistical limitations impede the progress of the attack Benjamin jasen professor of strategic studies at US Marine Corps Given that in a battle involving dozens or hundreds of tanks and other vehicles, coordination is not the only challenge heavy military equipment needs constant support and press.

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