Shocking with Alien Skeleton Found Suggest Prolonged Extraterrestrial Life

Alpine’s Sketeotop Unveiled in Bulgaria Confirms Alpine’s Existence for a Long Time


A 38-Year-Old from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Rediscovered a Skull Buried Near a Park, Oval-Shaped Metal Disk.


Regarding the Unexplained Phenomenon, He Was Guided in His Childhood by Five Winged Humanoid Cad in Yellow Metallic Costumes. These Beings Have Shown Him a Location in the Rhodope Mountains.

The strange spectacle sparked tremendous interest among ufologists and conspiracy theorists since it was thought to be incontrovertible proof of the presence of alien creatures on Earth. The phenomenon was investigated by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences archaeologists Katya Malamet and Professor Dimitar Kovachev. They both stated that they had never seen anything like it before.

The entity is the same size as a human child, but the body density is lighter, smaller, and only 250 grams thick. It features six cavities that, according to the experts, belong to the alien’s sensory organs. He possessed six eyes and other unknown organs when he was alive.


Skeptics believe the skull belongs to an undiscovered animal species because its traits do not match any terrestrial being.

What’s even more remarkable is that the skull vanishes before scientists can conduct an extensive research on it. Everyone who possesses it understands that they do not want to share their possessions with the rest of the world.

Is this the bones of an ancient and undiscovered species, or the skull of an extraterrestrial being?

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