Six US military aircraft were shot down while spying on North Korean terrain. Surprised at the number of fire fairies launched to destroy these military aircraft

Today, February 21, 2023: 6 US military aircraft were shot down while probing North Korea’s territory – More than 40 missiles were fired to bring down 6 military planes

Despite North Korea’s warnings, the US still sent many military reconnaissance planes to the border between North and South Korea, leading to unnecessary conflicts.

Today, February 21, 2023, 4 US military aircraft and 2 reconnaissance aircraft purposely entered North Korean airspace, which is something North Korea believes the US has looked down on and tried to do. encroachment on land territory.

Immediately, the North Korean military launched a series of military attacks against US military aircraft in the air.

North Korea has mobilized a force of 18 contiguous tanks, each equipped with 40 missiles, this type of missile, once the target is identified, they will follow until it explodes.

And more than 50 cannons were determined to shoot down with 6 US military aircraft… After a few rounds of flying in the sky, 6 American planes had to receive more than 40 missiles. After more than 10 minutes of flying in the sky to hide, 6 planes were hit by bullets. fell in the South China Sea.

This is an affirmation of sovereignty that North Korea wants to claim, and any strong power that intentionally encroaches on North Korean territory will have to bear the consequences. North Korea also claims that 3 nuclear bombs are still unused, if the US still tries to violate it, New York will be North Korea’s final target.

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