Stargazing Ink: Exploring Zodiac Tattoos

Astrology tattoos are an awesome way to illustrate personal character traits while paying homage to the wonders of constellations. Through exploring star signs, birth charts, and numerology, many feel that they get to know themselves on a deeper level, making zodiac tattoos a powerful way to celebrate self-discovery and the mystery of the cosmos.

Looking To The Stars With Zodiac Tattoos

If you’re interested in getting a horoscope tattoo, check out our list below of the best zodiac tattoos for men and women, as well as top styles and favorite astrology motifs!

Aries Tattoos

Depicted as the “flying ram” of the zodiac, Aries is a passionate fire sign well-known for their direct and honest communication, unwavering determination, and strong independent streak. Persons born under this sign are said to be confident leaders who are known for their upbeat personalities and ambitious natures. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries is closely connected with the first chakra and serves to represent the beginning of all things.

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Aries Tattoos for Women

From Black and Grey portraits of mystical women with ram’s horns to Geometric designs and Fineline floral Aries symbols, Aries tattoos can be created in a wide variety of ways. If you’re searching for something a bit simpler, you can always try a design focused around flames or the fire elemental, or explore symbolism surrounding the signs ruling planet Mars.

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Aries Tattoos for Men

Whether you’re interested in a fierce Blackwork style ram’s head or a Tribal Aries design, Aries tattoos for men work to represent the signs fiery nature, bold confidence, and assertive disposition.

Taurus Tattoos

Persons born under the sign of Taurus are known as sensual lovers of the material realm; often surrounding themselves with elements of beauty and artistry, and known for their sometimes hedonistic nature. As a member of the earth signs, Taurus is also recognized for their pragmatic outlook, steady determination, and emotional stoicism. Ruled by the planet Venus and depicted as the bull, Taurus persons possess a fierce steadfast quality, sharp intelligence, and a strong stubborn steak.

Taurus Tattoos for Women

From Black and Grey style bull skulls adorned with flowers to Dotwork style Taurus symbols and sexy goddesses sporting horns, Taurus tattoos for women possess a special sense of beauty.

Taurus Tattoos for Men

Taurus tattoos for men work well in a wide variety of styles! From bold Tribal chest pieces featuring bull heads to Black and Grey Taurus inspired sleeves and Geometric bull tattoos, Taurus tattoos work perfectly to depict the signs earthy vibe and fierce determination.

Gemini Tattoos

Depicted in the zodiac as the celestial twins, persons born under the sign of Gemini are known for their intensely curious and playful nature. Because of the Gemini’s thirst for experience and knowledge, they are said to be split into two halves; a trait that allows them to explore the vast subjects that interest them with greater freedom. Intelligent, adaptable, and outgoing in nature, persons born under this air sign make for great conversationalists and friends.

Gemini Tattoos for Women

Due to the Gemini’s dual nature, tattoos designs for Gemini women often feature Surrealist style mirrored imagery or two different yet complementary components. So whether you’re interested in an Illustrative portrait of two women, a Traditional style Gemini symbol, or a Minimalist style design, rest assured that Gemini provides plenty of interesting imagery and concepts to work with.

Gemini Tattoos for Men

Male Gemini tattoos can encompass highly creative design elements thanks to the split nature of this creative and witty star sign. From Etching style portraits of angels and demons to large-scale Geometric Gemini sleeves, Gemini tattoos for men can work to depict the extroverted, intellectual, and curious disposition of this sign.

Cancer Tattoos

Ruled by the moon, Cancer is a sign associated with powerful intuition, deep imagination, and watery emotions that know no bounds. Depicted as the brave crab within the zodiac, persons born under the sign of Cancer can be challenging to get to know, as they can develop protective exteriors to guard their tender hearts. Persons born under this sign are always quick to help others and often find their greatest joy when amongst loved ones and family.

Cancer Tattoos for Women

Cancer tattoos for women often work with water elements, crabs, the number 69, lunar symbolism, or stunning constellation designs. These traditional motifs for cancer tattoos work to showcase the powerful intuition and depth of emotion that Cancer women possess.

Cancer Tattoos for Men

From badass Japanese style Cancer crabs to Tribal 69 Cancer tattoos, Cancer tattoos for men can be depicted in a wide variety of creative ways. Looking for additional elements in your cancer tattoo? Try experimenting with powerful water elements, moon symbolism, the numeral 69, or the Cancer constellation pattern.

Leo Tattoos

Ruled by the sun, persons born under the sign of Leo are known for their regal, protective, and confident natures. As a fire sign, Leo is also widely characterized as being passionate, spontaneous, and highly driven. Represented by the lion, Leo persons are well-known for their fierce approach towards achieving their goals and their mesmerizing ability to take center-stage. As natural-born leaders, this sign is ready to take on any endeavor with a positive and sunny disposition!Ruled by the sun, persons born under the sign of Leo are known for their regal, protective, and confident natures. As a fire sign, Leo is also widely characterized as being passionate, spontaneous, and highly driven. Represented by the lion, Leo persons are well-known for their fierce approach towards achieving their goals and their mesmerizing ability to take center-stage. As natural-born leaders, this sign is ready to take on any endeavour with a positive and sunny disposition!

Leo Tattoos for Women

One of the most popular symbols for women’s Leo tattoos is the regal imagery of the lion, which can be easily personalized through adding design elements like the Leo constellation or Sun symbolism. Not interested in a lion tattoo? Explore other creative options like Dotwork Leo symbol mandalas, Blackwork style crowns, and Etching style sun tattoos.

Leo Tattoos for Men

Leo tattoos for men often feature fierce and powerful imagery like roaring lions as chest pieces, or bold Tribal sleeve designs featuring the Leo symbol. If you’re searching for a unique Leo design element, try incorporating flames, crowns, and sun motifs, as these images all work to showcase the protective and regal nature of the Leo man.

Virgo Tattoos

Ruled by the planet Mercury, persons born under the sign of Virgo are characterized by their analytical mindset, unbridled creative energy, and impressive work ethic. Represented by the maiden, this feminine symbol speaks to Virgo’s deep-rooted connection to the earth and material plane. Virgo signs are also well-known for their mastery of written communications, often making them excellent poets, authors, and journalists.

Virgo Tattoos for Women

As earth signs, Virgo’s are often associated with symbols of natural beauty like flowers and maidens, allowing women’s Virgo tattoos to possess a special sense of femininity and grace. Creative design ideas for Virgo women include mercury symbol tattoos, earth elementals, constellation pieces created from foliage, and earth goddess portraits.

Virgo Tattoos for Men

Men’s Virgo tattoos can be designed in an array of creative ways, from high-impact Black and Grey style Virgo symbols to Tribal Virgo sleeves and mountain scenes featuring the Virgo constellation and earth elemental.

Libra Tattoos

Ruled by the planet Venus, the fair-minded and diplomatic sign of Libra is characterized by a cooperative attitude and a love for nature and harmony. Represented by the symbol of the scales, Libra persons are aware of the necessary balance needed within life, and the measure of our actions in regards to the soul. Lovers of beautiful scenery, expensive luxuries, and good conversations, Libra persons make for intriguing friends and excellent partners.

Libra Tattoos for Women

From elegant Blackwork Libra symbols sprouting roses to Illustrative style scales and Minimalist Libra constellation designs, Libra tattoos for women feel elegant, balanced, and diplomatic, just like their wearers.

Libra Tattoos for Men

Men’s Libra tattoos can be showcased in a variety of unique ways, from customized Libra symbols that appear to jump off the skin to detailed Geometric style Libra scales and additional design elements like trees, moons, and suns.

Scorpio Tattoos

Ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars, persons born under the sign of Scorpio are known for their powerful determination, passionate personalities, and resourceful natures. Known as the most sensual sign of the zodiac, Scorpios value deep intimacy and trust within their partners and find immense value in traits like honesty and reliability. Represented by the symbol of the scorpion, persons born under this sign are also revered for their braveness, loyalty, and stubborn persistence.

Scorpio Tattoos for Women

Scorpio women have a plethora of creative motifs to choose from when it comes to horoscope tattoos. Some popular ideas for Scorpio women’s tattoos include Fineline scorpions with roses or Micro Scorpio symbols. You can also explore symbolism related to the planet Mars and water elementals.

Scorpio Tattoos for Men

From scorpions holding swords to large-scale Scorpio symbols crafted into Black and Grey half sleeves, Scorpio tattoos for men can easily feel just as mysterious and alluring as their sign.

Sagittarius Tattoos

Adventurous, optimistic, and charming, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are wonderful conversationalists and passionate explorers. Depicted in the zodiac as the archer, Sagittarius persons are known for their intense drive, optimism, and love for freedom. Often found as entrepreneurs or self-employed individuals, this sign possesses an enterprising spirit and highly accurate perceptions. Marked by their love for liberty and travel, the Sagittarius person loves to experience different philosophies, relationships, and places.

Sagittarius Tattoos for Women

Adding flower accents, bow and arrow designs or feathers to your Sagittarius symbol tattoo is a great way to dress up your unique design. Known for their love of travel and independent spirits, any symbolism related to exploration and self-reliance can also work wonderfully for the Sagittarius woman.

Sagittarius Tattoos for Men

Popular tattoos for Sagittarius men include Black and Grey style centaurs, Sagittarius symbols adorned with arrows, and large-scale bow and arrow tattoos. Like their female counterparts, Sagittarius men enjoy exploration and new experiences, so symbols related to travel can also work wonderfully for this sign.

Capricorn Tattoos

Capricorn is the rarest signs of the zodiac and is symbolized by the tenacious goat. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn natives are known for their ability to manifest wealth, their practical approach to life, and their mastery of self-control. Lovers of music, refined craftsmanship, and family, Capricorns are very tied to earthly pleasures and loved ones. Regarded as loyal and reliable friends, those born under this sign value traits like honesty, good boundaries, and open-heartedness.

Capricorn Tattoos for Women

Whether you’re into gorgeous women sporting goat horns, minimalist Capricorn symbol tattoos, or goat skulls surrounded by flowers, there are many ways to create a unique and powerful Capricorn themed piece.

Capricorn Tattoos for Men

Capricorn tattoos for men often feature various depictions of goats, but can also be crafted using the alchemical symbol for earth, or through showcasing the planet Saturn which rules Capricorn.

Aquarius Tattoos

Ruled by the planet Uranus, persons born under the Aquarius sign are known for their progressive and visionary mindsets, independent natures, and fierce humanitarian streak. Represented by the symbol of the water-bearer, Aquarians are said to mimic the traits of the mystical healer in the way that they care for the earth and its people. Known to fight for causes like equality and human rights, Aquarians are the radicals of the zodiac, always challenging the status quo and improving upon the world around them.

Aquarius Tattoos for Women

Aquarius tattoos for women can be crafted in a wide variety of feminine and stunning ways, from Micro style wave tattoos to Illustrative water bearer pieces. For those looking to create a custom feminine Aquarius tattoo, explore symbolism related to water, Uranus imagery, or personalized vases bearing water.

Aquarius Tattoos for Men

Aquarius men can easily create custom tattoos by working with elements like the ocean, the alchemical symbol for water, and through depictions of mermaids and other mythology of the ocean.

Pisces Tattoos

Ruled by the planet Neptune, those born under the sign of Pisces are characterized by their creative, compassionate, and intuitive natures. Lovers of water, swimming, music, and the visual arts, Pisces is an artistic sign drawn to various forms of self-expression. Because of Pisces’ innate understanding of the life cycle and incredible wisdom, this sign is said to form the most meaningful relationships with others.

Pisces Tattoos for Women

For women looking to celebrate their Pisces birthdate in a tattoo, there are a plethora of symbolic elements that work to represent this dreamy and intuitive sign. From Black and White style Koi fish swimming in opposite directions to Micro tattoos of the Pisces symbol and Fineline Pisces constellation pieces, this watery sign offers many stunning elements to work with.

Pisces Tattoos for Men

From Tribal double fish tattoos to Dotwork mandalas featuring the Pisces symbol, there are many unique ways to design your custom men’s Pisces tattoo.

Top Astrology Tattoo Motifs


If you prefer a subtle zodiac tattoo, a Fineline constellation may be the right selection for you!

Zodiac Symbols

Whether you’d like to add a zodiac symbol to your main subject matter or use it as a stand-alone piece, zodiac symbols are excellent motifs for any horoscope themed tattoo.


Many star signs have an associated animal that works to represent them, like the lion for Leos or the fish for Pisces. Explore if your sign has any wildlife-related symbolism and see how you can work it into your tattoo design.


If you’re looking for a more creative take on your zodiac tattoo, you can use imagery depicting your signs ruling planet, or the alchemical symbol for it.

Elements of Earth, Wind, Water, or Fire

Symbols representing the element of your sign work really well in zodiac tattoos to frame or accent your piece.

Top Styles for Astrology Tattoos

Fineline Zodiac Tattoo

If you like the look of subtle tattoos, simple outlines, or light shading, a Fineline zodiac tattoo might be the right choice for you. From animal skulls surrounded by flowers to constellations and ruling planets, Fineline astrology tattoos look incredible.

Black and Grey Zodiac Tattoo

Many motifs that are in connection with the zodiac are perfect for large scale portraiture of animals and deities and those would be showcased beautifully in a Black and Grey Realism style.

Micro Zodiac Tattoo

Whether you’re interested in a mini scorpion or a tiny bull head tattoo, Micro zodiac tattoos are perfect for those seeking something personal and discreet.

Tribal Zodiac Tattoo

For those interested in astrology themed chest pieces, sleeves, or large-scale designs, Tribal styles are an excellent way to showcase your unique design. Because Tribal style is often based on esoteric elements, it really captures the ancient aspects of the zodiac.

Blackwork Zodiac Tattoo

Whether you’re interested in a constellation zodiac tattoo, a portrait style piece, or a wildlife scene, Blackwork is an ideal style to explore. This is perfect for people who love high contrast works that make bold statements.

Geometric Zodiac Tattoo

Rendering your zodiac tattoo in a Geometric style is a wonderful way to add additional meaning and originality to your piece. Sacred Geometry and zodiac tattoos meet perfectly with their ancient connections to spirituality.

Neo Traditional Zodiac Tattoo

Based in Art Nouveau, Neo Trad has an organic grace and flourish that works perfectly with the natural aspects of zodiac signs. Indeed, Neo Traditional zodiac tattoos possess a special charm all their own.

Traditional Zodiac Tattoo

If you prefer heavy saturation and bold lines, a Traditional style zodiac tattoo may be perfect for you. From fierce lions to striking scorpions, this style always feels classic and strong.

Watercolor Zodiac Tattoo

Just like photos of the Milky Way, Watercolor style horoscope tattoos capture the wild colors that the stars are set in. This particular style is a vibrant and cheerful way to display your sign.

Dotwork Zodiac Tattoo

Want to create a constellation that mimics the stars in the sky? Dotwork astrology tattoos are perfect for this. If you also plan on incorporating elements like sacred geometry or mandalas into your zodiac tattoo, Dotwork styles can work to accent your unique piece.

Looking for more zodiac tattoo inspiration? Check out our interview with Astrofrecks inventor Jessica Knapik.

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