Step Back in Time with the 1922 Cadillac Type 61 Four-Passenger Victoria

The 1922 Cadillac Type 61 is a classic American automobile that was produced during the early 1920s. It was one of the first cars to feature an all-steel body, which was a major innovation at the time.

The Type 61 was powered by a six-cylinder engine that produced 61 horsepower, hence the name. It had a top speed of around 70 mph, which was quite impressive for the era. The car also featured a number of advanced features for the time, including four-wheel brakes and a sliding gear transmission.


The design of the Type 61 was classic and elegant, with a long hood, rounded fenders, and a large, imposing grille. The car was available in a number of different body styles, including a touring car, a sedan, and a coupe.


Despite its advanced features and classic styling, the Type 61 was not a commercial success for Cadillac. It was produced for only two years, and only a few thousand were ever made.


Today, the Type 61 is considered a classic example of early American automobile design. Its timeless styling and advanced features have made it a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts, and it remains a popular subject for automotive historians and writers. Whether you’re a fan of classic cars or just appreciate fine design and engineering, the 1922 Cadillac Type 61 is a car worth learning more about.





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