Step Inside Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews’ Lavish Hawaiian Wedding Celebration of Love and Luxury

NFL star Patrick Mahomes tied the knot with longtime sweetheart Brittany Matthews in a lavish Hawaiian wedding.

The Chiefs quarterback and former soccer star officially married in March, surrounded by family and friends.

The couple tied the knot in Hawaii this March

The couple have been engaged since September 2020

The two shared a joint post captioned “Mr. & Mrs. Mahomes” on Instagram.

The collection of photos shows the couple’s lavish ceremony, complete with palm trees and a setting Hawaii sun.

The post also includes a photo of the Mahomes and their one-year-old daughter Sterling Skye.

The pictures from the big day show that Patrick rocked a suave grey suit while Brittany wore a stunning long white gown with cutouts around her bodice.

Brittany also posted moments from their pre-wedding party, where it seems the pair had more casual attire — for Brittany, a short white dress and sneakers; for Patrick, a Louis Vuitton outfit and bare feet.

The ceremony included some other familiar faces, as Patrick’s best man was social media star brother Jackson Mahomes.

Another NFL star Travis Kelce was reportedly one of Patrick’s groomsmen, while Travis’s girlfriend Kayla Nicole stood next to the couple as one of Brittany’s bridesmaids.

The happy couple’s nuptials have been celebrated by their family and friends on social media all week, as the Hawaii celebrations teased fans of the upcoming party.

Patrick’s mother Randi Mahomes posted sweet photos on Twitter about her son, writing: “My first born is married!! God is great.”

The Mahomes’ day came over a year after Patrick popped the question on Brittany’s 25th birthday in September 2020.

The quarterback proposed in a room full of flowers at Arrowhead football stadium with a huge emerald-cut rectangular engagement ring.

The high school sweethearts have been together since they met at Whitehouse High School in Texas when Mahomes was a sophomore and Matthews was a junior.

The pair lives in a beautiful $2million mansion in the suburbs of Kansas City.

Patrick's brother Jackson Mahomes was his best man

Patrick's mother Randi Mahomes celebrated her firstborn's marriage

The couple met when they were both high school students

The couple has a 1-year-old daughter named Sterling Skye


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