Sterling, Brittany Mahomes’s “beach girl,” and Bronze, her “big beach guy,” are seen in adorable vacation pictures

Brittany recently revealed that the family has been vacationing in Portugal

Brittany Mahomes is soaking up the sun, sea and sand with her beach babies!

On Tuesday, June 25, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, 28, shared more snaps from her family’s vacation after revealing that she and her husband Patrick Mahomes have been spending time in Portugal with their two 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren.


In the first photo, the couple’s 3-year-old daughter Sterling Skye played in the sand with some beach toys while wearing a multi-colored bathing suit. The little girl also sported a pink hat to shield her face from the sun.

“Beach girl ,” Brittany wrote across the photo shared on her Instagram Stories.


Brittany Mahomes shares a vacation image of daughter Sterling.


The second sweet snap showed the couple’s18-month-old son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III walking in the sand as he stood next to a small paddling pool. The little one was dressed in a green rash vest and white Janie and Jack swim shorts featuring a palm tree pattern.

“Big beach guy ,” wrote Brittany, who also tagged her quarterback husband, 28, in both shots.

The photos were followed by a video of Bronze smiling as water was poured into a trench that had been dug into the sand and led into the ocean.

imageBrittany Mahomes shares vacation image of son Bronze.


“Woo!” Brittany could be heard saying as she filmed the adorable clip, which appeared to show Bronze saying, “Yay,” as the water flowed into the ocean.

“Good job Dadda!” added Brittany to Patrick, who then poured more water from a bucket into the trench and over his son’s legs.

“Mom the puddle!” said Sterling as she appeared in the shot.


Brittany Mahomes shares an image of her beach cocktail.


In the following clip, Brittany appeared to be enjoying a moment of calm as she held a cocktail on the beach. The beverage had been garnished with cucumber and a red chili pepper.

Brittany’s latest vacation pictures come after she shared an insight into the family’s overseas getaway on Saturday, June 22.

Posting a carousel of photos on Instagram, Brittany posed in a matching bright orange bathing suit with her daughter on a beach, while Sterling sported the same pink hat.

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick also threw his daughter up in the air while on the beach in one photo, while another picture showed the dad of two posing with his kids on his lap.

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