Stunning Rose with Dramatic Flair

If you’re in search of a rose that commands attention with its striking beauty and captivating presence, look no further than Rosa Grandiflora ‘About Face.’ This remarkable rose cultivar is known for its large, vibrant blooms, strong fragrance, and unique color combination. With its dramatic flair and stunning appearance, ‘About Face’ is sure to captivate the hearts of rose enthusiasts and gardeners alike.

Rosa Grandiflora ‘About Face’ is a hybrid rose variety that was introduced in 2005 by Weeks Roses. It is a result of crossing different rose cultivars, including ‘Golden Beauty’ and ‘Brass Band.’ The goal was to create a rose with impressive flower size, bold coloration, and a strong fragrance, and ‘About Face’ certainly lives up to these expectations.

One of the most distinctive features of Rosa Grandiflora ‘About Face’ is its large, show-stopping blooms. Each flower opens up to reveal layers of petals in a captivating blend of orange, bronze, and russet hues. The petals have a velvety texture and a slightly ruffled appearance, adding to the overall allure of the bloom. The combination of warm, intense colors creates a mesmerizing visual impact that is hard to ignore.

In addition to its stunning appearance, ‘About Face’ emits a strong, spicy fragrance that adds another dimension to its appeal. The scent is often described as a mix of cloves, cinnamon, and citrus, creating an intoxicating aroma that fills the air around the plant. Whether used in cut flower arrangements or enjoyed in the garden, the fragrance of ‘About Face’ is sure to please the senses.

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