Surprise Emotion: Messi’s Interview Turns Unforeseen as Reporter Bursts into Tears

Female reporter Andrea Guerrero admitted that she could not control her emotions when she had the opportunity to interview superstar Lionel Messi.

Sharing on the Sisepuedcast program, Colombian female reporter Andrea Guerrero revealed a memorable interview with superstar Lionel Messi. According to Andrea, the reason she had the opportunity to ask Messi personal questions was thanks to the contact of former goalkeeper and compatriot Faryd Mondragón.

Messi rơi vào cảnh trớ trêu khi nữ phóng viên xinh đẹp bất ngờ bật khóc giữa lúc phỏng vấn - Ảnh 1.

However, Andrea admitted that she burst into tears because she was so emotional when she met Messi. This made the 2022 World Cup champion somewhat confused and had to constantly encourage her.

“I lost my temper when I saw him. I started crying. You know, I’m a huge fan of him. Messi kept saying, ‘calm down, I’m here’. The bodyguard standing next to me asked me to leave, but Messi wouldn’t let that happen.

He told me, ‘wipe off your mascara and we will do the interview’. Still, I couldn’t stop crying.”

Messi rơi vào cảnh trớ trêu khi nữ phóng viên xinh đẹp bất ngờ bật khóc giữa lúc phỏng vấn - Ảnh 2.

Because Andrea could not balance her emotions, the final interview ended without her asking any questions.

Messi is playing impressively in his second season playing for Inter Miami. The Argentine striker just won the title of best player of the month in April of the American Professional League (USA) with 6 goals and 4 assists after 4 matches.

Since the beginning of the season, Messi has scored 9 goals and 7 assists after 7 appearances for Inter Miami. The 36-year-old superstar is expected to continue maintaining his high form when returning to the Argentina team to attend the Copa America. In this tournament, Messi and his teammates participated as champions.

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