The 6 Most Beautiful Roses in the World

Nothing says I love you more than red roses. With their elegance and beauty, a single rose or an entire bouquet is perfect for expressing your feelings to the person you love. However, not all roses are created equal and some type of roses are more visually attractive that others.

If you are thinking about using roses for an upcoming occasion or just to plant in your garden, here are some types of roses that you may want to consider for their exquisite beauty.

1. The Victor Hugo Rose

When you think roses, this is probably what you picture in your mind. The Victor Hugo rose is part of the oldest group of modern garden roses known as the hybrid tea rose.

The Victor Hugo rose is characterized by its deep red color and it blooms from Spring through Fall. It also has a nice strong scent to it and a single large bloom will have over 25 petals, making it the perfect choice if you want to get extra romantic and hand her just one stem.

2. The Winchester Cathedral Rose

This repeat bloom is characterized by its crisp white petals. It’s a medium-sized rose that opens just over 2″ from edge to edge, containing over 80 petals.

The strong fragrance and elegant beauty make this a beautiful flower for just about any occasion. A great way to move away from the “classic red rose” and into something a bit more unique and sophisticated.

3. The Michelangelo Rose

The Michelangelo rose is characterized by bright petals that come in a creamy shade of butter yellow. This rose gives off an excellent, old-fashioned flair thanks not only to its color palette but also to its huge size.

Opening about 5 inches from edge to edge, the Michelangelo rose contains over 40 large petals. The lemony fragrance pairs perfectly with the deep color that works in spring, summer or fall. It’s favored in bouquets thanks to its aroma.

4. The Gold Medal Rose

Brilliant and bold, this rose features dazzling petals that are large and dark gold in color. Each bloom consists of about 30 petals and mild temperatures really bring out the rich color. It’s a great garden rose simply because its strong fragrance brings a fruity scent anywhere it grows.

This is also a thornless plant that is very upright and bushy, it requires full exposure to the sun and blooms from Spring through Summer with the buds dying off a bit sooner than other roses that typically grow through the fall.

5. The Black Baccara Rose

This big and beautiful bloom comes in a deep, sophisticated, and mysterious velvety black. The blooms open up about 4 inches from edge to edge with around 45 petals bringing out the romantic side of this display.

It also blooms from spring through fall, like most varieties of roses, and it’s relatively easy to grow given that it’s placed in well-draining soil.

6. Rose By Sara Verdier

Unlike the other roses on this list, a Rose by Sara Verdier is actually a 100% real rose that has been preserved to last forever. Combining the natural beauty of a real rose and the exquisiteness of fine jewelry, it’s a strong contender for the most beautiful rose in the world. And the best part is? Since it will never wither, you get to enjoy its beauty for as long as you want. Find out more about Rose by Sara Verdier here.

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