The Shop Reveals Nike LeBron 21 Sneakers Honoring LeBron James’ Commitment to Community

The Nike LeBron 21 x Shop is now available. The shoe, which was created in association with The Shop, a community-building brand and conversation series, was unveiled on Tuesday and is being sold through The Shop’s official online store.

Product shot of The Shop and Nike LeBron XX1

With its colorful appearance and innovative features, the limited-edition The Shop x Nike LeBron 21 sneaker gives the King’s iconic shoe collection a new perspective. The manufacturer claims that the subtle ripple design on the metallic gold upper, which is a visual homage to a velour durag, gives you a fresh-out-of-the-shop feeling after a clean cut. The Nike LeBron XXI shoe’s outsole and sock liner have a graphic texture reminiscent of hair waves, while the sneaker insole has a unique abstract texture inspired by airwaves. Distinguished by a two-tone color scheme reminiscent of the barbershop’s checkerboard floor, this shoe also boasts some really cool details, like braid-like cords wrapped around the upper, heel, and side, an aqua blue heel that echoes the blue Barbicide glass container seen in barbershops, and Zoom Air units housed in a low-to-the-ground design.

Product shot of The Shop and  Nike LeBron XXI shoe

As a final touch, The Shop’s emblem adorns the heel and bespoke insoles as a unique tribute to LeBron James’ aspirations to put the community before basketball. Paul Rivera, general manager and co-founder of The Shop Brand, discussed the launch as follows:

оur gоаl tо mаintаin оur culturаl rооts аnԀ estаblisҺ а cоnnectiоn witҺ оur cоmmunity is tҺe fоunԀаtiоn оf TҺe SҺоp. Yоu cаn see tҺаt in every аspect оf tҺe Ԁesign оf оur mоst recent prоԀuct. Seeing TҺe SҺоp’s cоre vаlues trаnscenԀ beyоnԀ cоntent is quite sаtisfying. It’s tҺrilling tо reаlize LeBrоn’s lоve fоr tҺe cоmmunity аnԀ Һis renоwneԀ sҺоe line tҺаnks tо tҺis exceptiоnаl pаrtnersҺip between TҺe SҺоp аnԀ tҺe LeBrоn Nike brаnԀ, wҺicҺ Һоnоrs inԀiviԀuаls wҺо rise аbоve tҺe оtҺers.Similar thoughts were expressed by Cody Moore, Senior Designer at The Shop, who said, “We created something that speaks directly to the essence of the brand for this sneaker by drawing inspiration from a few classic accessories like the velour durag.” Everyone has experienced the surge of confidence they get after getting a haircut. When you wear these, we want you to feel that way. You have the entire world at your disposal if you can consistently exhibit that degree of confidence. Taking pride in oneself and positioning oneself for daily success is the essence of the matter.

On Friday, the Nike SNKRS app will also offer the Shop x Nike LeBron 21 sneaker.

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