Top 5 best strikers in French football history, surprised with Mbappe’s ranking

A double goal against the Netherlands in Group B of the EURO 2024 qualifying round on the morning of March 25 helped Kylian Mbappe reach 38 goals for the national team. The PSG striker surpassed Karim Benzema (37 goals) to join the top 5 best strikers in French football history.



Mbappe took 67 games to score 38 goals for “Les Bleus”. He had an impressive start as captain of the French national team. In 2022, the 24-year-old striker also scored 12 goals in 13 matches for the national team, including 8 goals at the 2022 World Cup.


Leading the list of goalscorers in the history of France is Olivier Giroud (53 goals). The AC Milan striker took 120 games to own the number of goals mentioned above. Giroud is still side by side with Mbappe in the France squad in the EURO 2024 qualifying round and has the opportunity to extend the achievement.


Thierry Henry, the legend of French football, ranked second with 51 goals in 123 games.


The third-ranked striker is Antoine Griezmann with 42 goals in 117 games. Similar to Giroud, the Atletico Madrid striker is still a mainstay in the national team and has the opportunity to expand his personal achievements.

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