“Unexpected Setback: Messi and Suarez Face First Defeat, Leaving Inter Miami Fans Disappointed”

Striker Luis Suarez suffered his first defeat with his new team in the match between FC Dallas and Inter Miami. Lionel Messi’s team still hasn’t had any victories after two friendly matches before the 2024 season.


FC Dallas vs Inter Miami goal

FC Dallas: Ferreira (3′)

After his debut match, held to a scoreless draw by El Salvador, Suarez was determined to get his first victory with the new team, Inter Miami.

However, the team of Messi and Suarez was unexpectedly led by FC Dallas very early. In the 3rd minute, from a simple coordination situation in the middle area, Dallas broke through Inter Miami’s defense to score the opening goal thanks to Jesus Ferreira.

Being behind, Inter Miami immediately pushed their team higher and accelerated their attack. However, on an unlucky match day, both Messi and Suarez could not break the opponent’s net.

In the 11th minute, Messi received a favorable pass from Busquets and had the opportunity to quickly score but was denied by the Dallas FC goalkeeper. By the 25th minute, he fell in the opponent’s penalty area, but no penalty was awarded.image

In the 55th minute, La Pulga had a dangerous shot at Dallas, but the opponent’s goalkeeper played focused to deny the goal.

As for Suarez, he also had quite good opportunities but could not score. Most notably, in the 43rd minute, Messi, outside the 16m50 box, made a pass to Suarez, who was waiting in the penalty area, and broke the offside trap. Although the Uruguayan striker touched the ball and shot, the ball did not fly accurately.

In the 64th minute, both Messi and Suarez were let off, and from then on, Inter Miami’s offense was no longer as overwhelming as before. However, Dallas could not score more goals.


The final result of this match was 1-0 in favor of Dallas. Inter Miami had their second consecutive match without a win in the friendly series, and the Messi-Suarez duo never fired a shot.

FC Dallas vs Inter Miami lineup

FC Dallas: Paes (Maurer 46′ – Carrera 69′), Endeley (Pondeca 46′), Ibeagha (Korca 46′ – Westergren 84′), Tafari (Humphrey 69′), Junqua (Farrington 46′), Sealy (Lletget 46 ‘ – Pedrinho 76′), Fraser (Farfan 46′), Illarramendi (Diego Garcia 35′ – Sainte 76′), Jesus Ferreira (Norris 40′), Arriola (Ntsabeleng 35′ – Urzua 76′), Ansah (Omar Gonzalez 46′)Inter Miami: Callender, Alba, Allen (Sailor 75′), Krivtsov, Aviles (McVey 46′), Yedlin (Boatwright 75′), Ochoa (Taylor 46′), Busquets (Campana 64′), Gressel (Sunderland 64′), Messi (Gregore 64′), Suarez (Stefanelli 64’)

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