When Brittany shared Bronze’s “best brother” story, she received an early Mother’s Day gift from Patrick Mahomes’ son

In the world of the NFL, it’s not just the players who steal the show. Sometimes, their adorable little ones do too. This time, it’s Bronze, the son of Chief’s star QB Patrick Mahomes, melting hearts with his sweet gestures.

Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, often share snippets of their family life on social media. Their posts are filled with cute moments featuring their 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren, especially their son, Bronze.

Brittany Receives Early Mother's Day Present From Patrick Mahomes' Son  After Sharing Bronze's “Best Brother” Story - EssentiallySports

Today, Brittany shared a heartwarming video on Instagram. In the video, Bronze is seen sitting next to Brittany in what appears to be their home’s play area. Upon Brittany’s request for a kiss, Bronze sweetly obliges, planting a kiss on her legs. Brittany, touched by the gesture, asks for another kiss, and Bronze happily complies.

This adorable exchange between mother and son seems like an early Mother’s Day present for Brittany. The joy in her chuckles is evident as she receives kisses from her little one.

Brittany Mahomes Posts Cute Workout Video with Son Bronze

Brittany and Bronze share a beautiful bond, which is evident from their interactions. In another post, Brittany shares a picture of Bronze lying over her, seemingly lost in his imagination. The caption reads, “Loving all these snuggles. He was sooo patient when step wasn’t feeling good and was just the best brother but now he’s making up for it and won’t leave my side.” This post gives us a glimpse into their cute dynamic and the love they share.

Patrick Mahomes’s son Bronze is a human dumbbell!

Brittany Matthews is not just a doting mother but also a fitness enthusiast, who often incorporates her son Bronze into her workout routines. In a series of Instagram stories, she is seen holding Bronze as her “dumbbell for the day,” while sporting blue gym wear. The mother-son duo is seen engaging in squats and lunges, turning workout sessions into fun-filled bonding time.

Brittany Mahomes is shocked at the amount of attention she got for being  the wife of an NFL Superstar | Marca

Bronze, on the other hand, seems to enjoy these sessions as much as his mother does. His gibberish singing, captured in another story, adds a delightful soundtrack to their gym time. His innocent babbling and drooling are nothing short of adorable, making these moments all the more special.

Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany shares sweet photo of son Bronze – Camilla  Care

These shared moments between Brittany and Bronze not only highlight their cute dynamic but also reflect the family’s dedication to fitness. As the Chiefs and Mahomes eye their three-peat glory,  commitment to fitness seems to be echoed in his family’s lifestyle, making these shared moments between Brittany and Bronze a testament to the family’s love for sports and each other.

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