While flourishing, Lionel Messi suddenly announced extremely sad news at Inter Miami

It was announced that Lionel Messi had an injury during the encounter against CF Montreal, which would limit his availability for action before to Inter Miami’s game against Orlando.

In the most recent development, Messi sustained a knee injury during Inter Miami’s 3-2 victory against Montreal last weekend, according to Inter Miami assistant coach Javier Morales. The Argentine sensation, Luis Suarez, and Sergio Busquets will all be assessed prior to the April 16 (Vietnam time) game against Orlando City.

For supporters of Inter Miami and the Argentina national team, this news could not be more depressing and alarming, particularly since Copa America 2024 is just one month away.

With 10 goals and 9 assists in 9 MLS games this season, Messi was a major factor in Inter Miami’s victory.The 37-year-old striker is expected to shatter nearly every record in the top soccer competition in America. In the forthcoming game against Orlando, the Florida team will appear to be down by more than half if M10 is unable to play.

While flourishing, Messi suddenly announced extremely sad news at Inter Miami 462431

Messi is injured and leaves the possibility of playing in the upcoming match against Orlando City open (Photo: Getty).

Previously, Messi set an MLS record against the New York Red Bulls, when he became the first player to contribute 5 assists in a single match of the season. The 2022 World Cup champion also contributed a total of 6 goals in that match, becoming the first player to do this in MLS.

Lionel Messi - Tin tức, hình ảnh, video... cập nhật mới nhất

Since arriving at Inter Miami in the summer of 2023, Messi has suffered many minor injuries, causing him to miss a significant amount of matches for the red team.

In early 2024, El Pulga also suffered a hamstring injury, preventing him from participating in the match in the quarterfinals of the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions Cup, where Inter Miami lost 1-2 to Monterrey.

Upcoming, Inter Miami will face Orlando City in a midweek match of MLS. As part of MLS Rivalry Week, The Heron will be looking to secure an early season double against their home town.

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